Dear Readers of my Special Education posts:

Dear readers of my Special Education posts, especially those who read about my special education topics (personal and close virtual friends not included):

You write comments in my posts, asking for help. I email you back, most of these were privately sent. Sometimes I answer immediately, sometimes I reply belatedly. This depends upon the availability of time I got.

You ask for these things and these are my replies:

  • Therapy centers and services, and if possible somewhere near your areas. I do not readily give the contact number of the center I work for because that might be like fishing for clients. I do NOT have a directory of all the therapy/intervention centers nor do I know a lot of schools that offer special education so I will not be referring you to schools so as much as possible, please, do not ask me these questions.
  • Advice on how to deal with your children or for families that you know of have developmental problems with their children. I give these based on my experiences with my students. Children are dealt with differently, depending on their levels of understanding and behavioral issues. How I dealt with my students may not work with the difficulties that you are facing.
  • You even give me your contact numbers, emails, home phones, mobile phones. More often, I do not publish these comments with your personal information. If I do, I remove your private and personal information details. So please, do not send these unless I ask you so.
  • You even ask where you can go for doctors or other professional who can help. I can only give the names of doctors that I am familiar with. Your preference is up to you. I would usually refer you to one so that they will be the ones who will refer you to therapy/intervention centers and special schools.
  • You ask me where you can get a degree in special education. I will only answer and refer you to universities that I am sure of. There may be other universities or colleges offering the course but since I do not know what these are, I therefore will not recommend these to you. I definitely would not recommend a short cut to earning a degree in special education because there is no short cut to getting that degree so do not ask me about these short-term courses being offered just so those who will take these can go abroad.
  • Special education is a CALLING and it is NOT for everyone and I stand by this opinion. It is NOT one of the easy ways to go abroad to teach and earn a lot. If you do not have the heart to teach, you will not be enjoying this profession.

  • In all of these things, I feel great that I was able to help you. I do not ask for any monetary contributions nor public acknowledgments, in return I hope you tell me what has happened or what had not happened, that you somehow give me feedback when I ask you how is everything after you made the inquiry and after I have answered your questions.

That is all I ask and I hope its not too much.