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A majority of homes in most urban areas are wired or connected to the internet. Internet connectivity is needed for work-related tasks, getting connected to other people, for entertainment purposes and for blogging needs. There are different ways to get connected: dial-up connection, adsl or cable internet. To maximize your internet connectivity, it is more convenient to have wireless services or broadband internet services. But where can one get cheap broadband services? offers different broadband internet packages to suit your connectivity needs. One of their featured packages is the £8.95/month. This package includes standard wired router, 5GB download allowance, 24/7 customer service support, Freeview and TV on demand, 5GB free online storage, hassle-free installation and more features that consumers would find useful. There are also 250 minutes of free Wi-Fi per month to thousands of hotspots around the world which includes the BT Openzone Wi-Fi hotspots across UK and Ireland. These days, wi-fi has changed the way people get connected.

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When we transferred to our present abode, we planned to have a wonderful front lawn garden. My husband and I, as well as my brother who was then living with us while studying in college, worked together this small patch of soil look green. While I concentrated tending to the beautiful orchid plants which parents of my students gave me, both of them were tending to the grass patch. After working in the garden and getting ourselves dirty for several days, we thought we had a wonderful garden. We did have a wonderful green patch but the orchids had an untimely demise for reasons I could not imagine. The green patch grew well, like a green carpet. But after sometime, tall weeds, ants and even termites thrived there. What went wrong? We ask ourselves. Maybe we should have treated the soil first with treatments such as TruGreen. Now, our garden which should have a wonderful green patch looks like the photo below. It is in fact the photo of what should have been a green patch. If only we had professional lawn care treatment, all our efforts would not have been wasted.

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One of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a new home is to make sure that there is a home warranty to the house to be purchased. A home warranty is a service contract protecting homeowners from unexpected expenses regarding repairs and replacements covering one year of service. American Home Shield offers home warranty services to homeowners. The coverage for basic home warranty of a home under 5,000 square feet includes plumbing, electrical systems and several electrical appliances regardless of age, that breakdown due to the normal wear and tear. For homes over the 5,000 square feet, additional fee is required. Protecting your home and and its systems from breakdown is a good idea to avoid extra costs.

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Bugs freak me out. Big ones. Even small ones. We had had our share of these bugs, or pests in our household. Our dog(s) have fleas depending on the season, usually a-plenty during summer. There are colonies of termites in the garden which thrive in the trees planted on the side of the property. Ants and flies can be seen near the trash bin especially when the weather is hot and when something smelly is inside. An occasional errant and flying cockroach which make the children shriek and run can sometimes be seen flying in the garage at night. When my mother-in-law’s house was renovated because of termite infestation, they got the services of a pest control company. One such company offering services is the Terminix. What was done to her house was a very labor-intense work which had my husband’s former bedroom’s walls torn down to be able to remove the colonies where these termites were hiding. As homeowners, being vigilant to signs of infestation of bugs or pests is one sure way to protect our homes.

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Three weeks ago when we went to visit friends in their retirement home, I was amazed to witness something new. The laptop of our friend was moving on its own! No, I don’t mean physically moving but the cursor was moving icons and installing programs on its own! I asked what was going on and they, our friend as well as my husband, explained that this was a program called remote desktop connection. They further explained that the person doing the actions I am seeing in the laptop is in fact, in Czechoslovakia, who is the brother of our friend.

So what exactly is remote access? Remote PC is the leading remote access solution for PCs. With plans starting at $4.95/month with a 30-day trial, one can access his home and office PC anywhere with an internet connection. This is a great way to improve small business productivity offering an easy to use affordable solution. One can access email, data and even pictures from anywhere. These data can also be shared with friends and business partners. It is like converting your PC to an online storage without having to upload. And with recent enhancements that include Vista compatibility, remote meeting option with up to ten users sharing the same desktop is possible.

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There are a lot of Filipino teachers in Texas. In fact, I could have been one of those of who went there a few years back had it not been for some unforeseen circumstances. One of the main concerns for teachers going to Texas to work there as teachers is to find accommodations whether these are apartments, houses, condo units, lofts or even town homes. Some of these teachers were given help by the agencies who were able to look for employers for them. But then, what if they would want to relocate? How would they find the accommodations based upon their specifications as well as needs and convenience of location? This would be easy for those many, many Filipino teachers in Dallas. Why? Because Dallas Apartments will make it easier for them to find an ideal relocation for those living in the area. I’m sure this would benefit a lot of people living in this area around Dallas particularly those who are near the Dallas/Fort Worth, who are thinking of relocation to a new and better home environment. Not only are the people who will work for those looking for homes called Apartment Locators, they are also Licensed Real Estate Professionals.