Saturday was not a very busy day at work for me, and this is unusual. We took advantage of my free time to go somewhere different to experience early Christmas. The Christmas season is celebrated early in this part of the world, where Christmas-related decorations are displayed alongside Halloween costumes and what-have-yous.

We went to Greenhills Shopping Center for a dose of shopping, to watch the annual Christmas show from COD Family and also to meet my brother who will be sleeping over at home.

My children enjoyed the show though is was drizzling when we were watching the show and I wasn’t able to concentrate taking photos and listening to the narration.

The show features a church, a priest, people as family members going to church (they look real to me whose eyesight is blurred), a horse-drawn carriage, a carabao-drawn cart with fruits, and a marching band.

The background has mountains, waterfalls and nipa huts.

The Annual Christmas Show talked about Filipino traditions like the Misa de Gallo or mass novena which starts during the December 16 with 4am masses till the 24th. This is a series of masses in preparation for the coming of Christmas.

On the other hand…

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Sunday was spent having a picnic lunch in a nearby place with lots of trees.

While the children were playing around, hubby was napping on the mat and eldest daughter was listening to her music, I went a bit here and there to take photos.

Here is a photo I took while I was lying down and resting on the mat.

Time stood still for a while there. I wish for more family bonding like this.

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Sunday morning was spent oohing and aahing a dog that was brought to the house. I didn’t take a photo of the dog because I didn’t fully approve getting a new one.  I agree with everyone that she is beautiful and looks physically great but another one adult dog to take care of when we have another adult is not exactly something I look forward to.

Oh, by the way, both dogs are APBT, male and female. I do not want to deal the mess they will create. Ugh.

After fussing on the dog, we finally hit the road to get an early Christmas gift for my son from his godmother who now works and lives in Reno, NV.

Thank you very much Gloria. Your thoughtfulness can not be questioned. You who never fail to send Christmas cards EVERY YEAR for almost two decades.

After lunching in one of the burger joints famous for grilled burgers (which I can’t have) and free wi-fi, and getting a bargain bag for my camera, we headed for the supermarket, Lynn‘s laundry shop and finally, home. Everything turned dark as we were on our way to the supermarket. The skies were so dark one would think it is evening already. The skies looked like this at 1:46PM:

According to the news, a lot of places were flooded, including those that are near our place.

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After we went to the 6pm Saturday November 1 mass, my son asked if we can go to a Tropical Hut branch because it has been a long time since he has eaten their Clubhouse Sandwich.

So off to Quezon City Memorial Circle we went, a branch farther than the one nearest our home (which is located in a not so nice area). We were puzzled because there was not a security guard in sight, no one manning the gate where vehicles are registered and pay for the parking fee.

The cluster of restaurants too were dark, and this day being a Holy Day, we figured all shops were closed. But the Tropical Hut’s sign has a light on so we entered.

The store was opened.

This was what my son ordered, which he ate all by himself.

Tropical Hut Clubhouse Sandwich.

After eating, we decided to stroll in the park.

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Sunday was spent at home. The kids had fun playing with their favorite pc game called Fate.

I inspected the “garden” to see how my seedlings are doing, after being planted by Manang Salve in a plant trough for these to grow. She said she will replant these when these are big enough to transfer.

I hope she knows what she is doing for I don’t want to wait for weeks before we find out that the method doesn’t work. Oh well, I might get another seed packet just to be sure.

Anyway, here are the tiny okra seeds as of yesterday:

October 26, 2008.

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My children and their cousins were ecstatic. A dog belonging to a their cousins gave birth. The were oohing and aaahing when they went to see the puppies. They cuddled the pups, held them and played with them.

Of course, they have to be told that these are live animals and if they held these pups for a long time, the pups will probably get hurt.

Puppies are not toys but for younger children they seem to be soft cuddly toys.

I hope they won’t ask for one because they will be disappointed.

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