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Establishing a routine for exercising which includes walking and/or biking is not just beneficial for the physique but also a wonderful way to discipline one’s self.

We went biking and walking yesterday after we had a hearty brunch of tapsilog.

After that we went to the supermarket to get a week’s supply of food which I know will not probably last till the Friday.

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Weekend was a ho-hum time spent at work on Saturday and on Sunday, a lunch out and Mass in the early evening.

I missed taking photos of one of my favorite subjects last Saturday: sunset. There is a somewhat wonderful view on the third floor level in my MIL’s home but I had to go home before the setting of the sun.

I got inspired to take a photo instead of this shell (or capiz) lamp hanging on the third floor trellis which I have featured here and here already.

These types of shell lamps are great for outdoors.

Before heading for home I searched for ideas on lamps when I saw this photo below.

Photo taken from a Moroccan lanterns site. Nice effect I must say.

The Moroccan lanterns are great for indoors as I have seen in the photos due to the patterns these cast on the ceiling whereas the shell lamp in the other photo is used outdoors.

Which do you prefer?

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January 11, 2009’s full moon is said to be the brightest and biggest full moon for the year and of course,I would never pass this opportunity and not take photos.Full Moon in Cancer. Being born in that sign (not that I believe in horoscope much) makes it all the more special as a way to start the year.

I was not able to take a photo during the moon rise early evening Saturday since I didn’t bring my camera, tsk, tsk.

Anyway, hubby and I took several photos last night since Saturday was too cloudy to get a decent shot, tsk, tsk again.

Anyway, here is one photo that was taken, among others:

There. Lovely, magical and majestic isn’t it?

I have had other moon photos here and here.

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Saturday, still being a no-work day for me was spent in one of the favorite places that we like to go to Sierra Madre Resort and Convention Center in Tanay, Rizal. This was the place where a few months ago my family “walked on clouds” and walked on a hanging bridge.

These may be common to some who are blessed living near mountains and the waterfront where the air is cool but for us city dwellers with allergies and asthma, this is definitely a treat, specially during days when the weather is blah.

The children enjoying their hiking on a trail down below where I stood under a shade. It was already drizzling a bit and they were in a hurry so my photo was a bit blurred.

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Weekend activities were mixed for us.

Saturday morning till a little after lunch, I had work. After that we hurried to go to Wenchie‘s house for the party with the mommies and kids.

We had yummy home-cooked food. Macaroni cooked by Cookie which my son loved and chicken from iMom. Lynn‘s pichi-pichi dessert was a hit with the moms and the kids.

We got delighted with the news that LadyCess shared with us.

We were a bit sad because Feng was not able to join us because she is having her rest due to her pregnancy.

The kids had a fun time playing, riding bikes, playing ball, and just plain hanging out.

Here is Lynn’s entry for the party: Filipino Mom Blog Holiday Get-Together


Sunday was supposed to be a spent with my speech pathologists friends clinic’s Christmas party. We weren’t able to go because hubby was too sick to drive us.

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Weekend, specifically Saturday, was a bit tiring so we decided to stay in for Sunday. We did go to mass but that was during the early evening.

My eldest daughter finished her project and studied for her trimester test after she hand washed her gala uniforms early in the morning. Yes, she does this every Sunday morning since June 😀

This was the Christmas Lantern that she made for school:

I know, the window definitely needs some cleaning 😀

This should have been passed a few weeks ago but circumstances happened that three Mondays were not school days so she really has to finish this at home or else…

She did that all by herself and just asked for help in cutting the insides of the star.

She thought about looking up an electronics blog but decided to do that on Wednesday which is the last day of the tests so she could study for today’s scheduled tests.

Thank heavens.

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