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So many machines, tiny though these may be.

Lego Construction Site

A reflection of reality without the dust, dirt and sweat. Absent too are the piles of whatsoever the workers might need like big and small hand tools, abrasives, and safety gadgets.

Working in a construction site is not an easy feat for one has to be fit and strong to withstand the heat and manual labor.

Machines make the work look easy but let’s not be fooled, I’m sure the workers looks forward to taking a rest after a day’s hard work.

P.S. the kids just loooove Lego 🙂

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Hot Wheels Lamborghini Reventon toy car of my son, in a mostly black setting consisting of a mouse pad 😉

Hot Wheels Lamborghini Reventon

Now if only the other toy cars look as scratch-free and dent-free as this one (which I had to take a photo of before he plays with it), we could have these other toy cars in glass cases to display. But alas, the joys of playing with his so many toy cars is nothing compared to an almost new look but never played with toy car.

The kids love toy cars including Hot Wheels but they’d rather have the real cars than those not-real car designs.