Hey Kids! If you want to find out fascinating and interesting links between animals and our everyday world, you have to watch Discovery Kids WILD BUT TRUE. Wild But True will be shown every Tuesday at 5:00pm starting December 2, 2014.

Encores are every Saturday at 9:30am and 1;30pm.

Discovery Kids Wild but True

Wild But True will have Robert Irwin, a naturalist and Isabel Yamazaki, a science geek team up to show how science has made us students of Mother Nature. Each episode will explore nature’s amazing solutions for the different problems in the wild and how we humans can use these blueprints to make our world safer, greener and more efficient and more fun!

Giles, the digital friend who will provide artificial intelligence will help them along the way. He will provide clues that willlead to the answers to the puzzling questions they need answers and help Robert and Isabel hook up with scientists, researchers and developers who will further explain the technology behind their interesting topics.

Experiments will further help them (and you!) better understand the different concepts, features and abilities intrinsic to the wild world.

Are you ready for Discovery Kids WILD BUT TRUE?

Mark your calendars on December 2, 2014 5 pm.


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One of the fun activities for children is TV viewing. I know, I enjoyed this immensely when I was a child, watching TV upon coming home from school, when I have my snack or when I do my homeworks (I hope my children would not be able to read this, lol).

Whenever i have time to watch at noon whenever go home for lunch from school (yes, we can go home for lunch), I watch Return Engagement on RPN9 especially when Dorothy Hamill is featured ice skating.

The shows I loved watching in our TV enclosed in a wooden cabinet with sliding doors and blue anti-radiation film as protection (no, not like a pop up TV) are Sesame Street, The Electric Company which is also a Sesame Street production, The Secrets of Isis (an Egyptian woman warrior who brings out her triangle pendant with the eye when she transforms into a superhero), Jacques-Yves Cousteau‘s Undersea World and Land of the Lost.

Anna Liza and Flor de Luna were also a hit then but I prefer watching the former.

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Rachel tagged me to join Trav’s First Trivia Meme

The rules are as follows:
Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to:
1. Choose a category from one of these: Television, Stage & Screen, Nightly News, Publishing, Lives & Times, Music
2. Find 8 bits of trivia about your selected category
3. Be sure to let me know you decide to play along so I can see what you come up with.

4. You may tag, or simply offer the meme for borrowing or stealing as you like.


I am going with the Television Category. Why? Because I have been doing a lot of watching lately, catching up on my DVD collections of TV series. Yes, I watch these TV series on DVD because we do not subscribe to any cable TV networks, my time, whenever I feel I want to watch. Some of me and my husband’s collection include CSI, Monk (I was supposed to write about this but I remembered I wrote a post about him a little over two years ago), Dexter, Psych, Bones, The Closer, Eureka, Jericho, Chuck, ok you got my drift.

I chose Psych because I have just finished viewing Season 1 and Season 2 episodes the other day. And guess what? The Season 3 will premiere in July 2008! 😀

The 8 bits of trivia I found in Psych are the following and no, I did not get this from the official website, these are my own observations:

  1. The show always starts with something about the three main characters’ past, mid 80s. By three main characters I mean Shawn, Shawn’s Dad ( a police officer at that time) and Gus, Shawn’s best friend.
  2. The blast-from-the-past clip is shown to show what lesson Shawn learned from his dad and this lesson is what he is going to use for the episode.
  3. Shawn’s uncanny observation about his environment makes him deduce what exactly is happening. He is consulted on tough and baffling police cases when the police are having a hard time. He gets good results, of course.
  4. He does not like doing physical work, and usually makes Gus do these, like when they had to dig in a farm to know more about a case they were working on.
  5. Gus, his best friend works at a pharmaceutical company. He is an unwilling assistant to Shawn but he goes along anyway.
  6. Shawn can be irritating sometimes but I find him funny.
  7. Shawn’s dad is his biggest critic. He still gives him lessons along the way even if he is now doing police consultancy work.
  8. Lassi (Lassiter) is the senior detective who doubts Shawn’s psychic abilities. Juliet (she is sometimes called Juls by Shawn, my nickname 😉 ) is Lassi’s partner who is amazed at Shawn’s abilities to know the relevant details in the case they are working on. And the chief, Chief Vick is also in awe of Shawn’s “psychic powers”.
  9. When Shawn is about to solve a case, he puts on a show to “demonstrate” his “psychic” abilities by making noises, making up names that include movie trivias and making facial contortions. When he does that, Lassi’s look is priceless 😀
  10. When the credits are being shown, the characters sing and sometimes dance too. Sometimes, bloopers are shown as credits are rolling.

Oops, I went over the 8 trivia because I was having fun! For more details on Psych, click here for the episode guides.

To my friends, Chateau, Wenchie, Cookie, Weng and Mary (yes, your GA), I want to know more about what you particularly like. So please share trivia about your favorite television, stage & screen, nightly news, publishing, lives and times and music.

To bloggers who are reading this, (I am going to do posts in my other blogs, GreenBucks.1 and GreenBucks.2 ) who want to do this meme, feel free to do so, just link back to me 😉 I had fun doing this and I know you will too 🙂

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