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Yesterday was spent at home with three sick children so a lunchbox was out of the day plan.

Today being a day for’s Tuesday LunchBox Meme, I thought about featuring the food I prepared for the Field Trip we had at the La Mesa Eco Park last November.

Below was what we brought for the field trip.

Tuna sandwiches, sliced apples, bananas, sliced ensaymada and mamon. For drinks we had milk, Gatorade and water.

We did not bring lunch food because we did not stay for lunch since we still have another school affair to go to.

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Week 5 of the‘s Fab Holiday Finds theme is red and/or green.

I have a red find here which features the red wooden tree I have already featured as the centerpiece of our Advent Wreath.

Below are two of the handmade Christmas tree decorations that my two younger and homeschooling children made. They made these during the first week of December.

Green paper Christmas trees and red paper Christmas stockings ornaments.

The materials used for these were from the personalized gift tags, white gift wrappers, and silver cord. Scrapbook embellishments plus red and green sequins were given for the children to decorate their ornaments.

The result?

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Over at the, we are having a Fab Holiday Finds meme that I am sure those who are anticipating Christmas will enjoy writing posts about and sharing their finds.

Finds can range from the latest in electronic gadgets, to the most delicious ham ever tasted, cookies and cakes to die for, bargain Christmas trees and decors and even Persimmon trees for New Year luck, the tastiest lechon to the coolest places to where one can have these things and more. What else did I miss?

I have decided to make personalized Christmas gift tags. It was supposed to be done with the kids but they had other things in mind so I ended up starting the gift tags myself.

I enjoyed doing these even if when I came to, I realized that spending  time doing these as well as spending MORE than I intended to, I could have said I shouldn’t have done that yet I know I made the right choice.

Here is a closeup/link of one of the personalized Christmas gift tags while below is a photo of some of the personalized Christmas gift tags I made:

Below are the materials and costs I have incurred:

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Sunday night we had pasta for dinner. I used San Remo Spinach Fettuccine pasta.The truth is there was nothing in the fridge except for a packet of milk fish back fillet and I was uninspired to do something about it.

So I decided to make pasta.

After I cooked the spinach fettuccine pasta according to instructions, I made the “sauce”.

I melted 2 or 3 tbsp unsalted butter along with half a small block of grated cheese. With this, I put a little dried basil. Then I put in a can of tuna (solid in water) and cooked the fish meat for a bit. Then I put all-purpose cream and let it “boil” or have bubbles. Two teaspoons of mushroom sauce was also placed in the mixture.

After the pasta has been added to the sauce, I put in some loaf bread slices in the toaster and heated these a it. Spread a bit of the same unsalted butter on one side.

Finally, we had this:

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She has been holding on to that thousand bucks for several months. Money was given by her godmothers when they had dinner one hot Saturday night last summer.

She wanted to give it to her mother then, to add to her tuition expenses. Her mom declined, and told her to keep it so she could buy what she needs.

A month ago, she bought a jacket, a hoodie which will be used to school because the classrooms can be very cold.

She insisted on giving to her mom what was left of her money, almost two thirds of the original amount. Again, she was told to keep it so she can get whatever else she needs for herself.

A few days ago, the mother went to her school to get the first trimester grades.

The grades are good, better than last year’s first trimester grade.

The mother was excited and can’t wait to go to tell the family waiting for her.

But the teacher dropped a bomb.

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KittyMama tagged me this eons ago. I know I can still remember the tag because I am guilty of not doing it.

Eastcoastlife tagged me last month.

So yes, I am now going to do the tag. But first I have to take photos and below is one of these 😀

Ok, there you go, a sanitized version of the thingamajigs I have in my backpack.

Yes, I use a backpack and it has, surprise, surprise,  a smaller bag inside where some of my things are put for easier pulling out if I have to leave the humongous bag somewhere.

Basically, I use a backpack when I go to work not because I brought kitchen sinks with me but because I have a lot of things to bring.

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