Wash Loads of Love with Electrolux Time Manager Washing Machine

Being the primary person in charge of the household chores, it is not unusual for me to feel tired at the end of the day. The kitchen duties takes a lot of time but because I made use of pre-prepared freezer meals that I cook on an induction stove, the time and effort I put to doing these tasks are almost cut in half.

The main chore that really takes up a lot of my time and energy is the washing of clothes. I love washing clothes and I am really grateful that there are washing machines to help me (and millions more!) do these tasks easier than doing the old fashion way for handwashing.

I am not too fond of ironing clothes and if there’s another thing to be grateful about, aside from a thousand other things, is having a laundry shop nearby that takes care of my ironing needs

I have devised a flow/series of actions to make washing days (two times a week) easier:

  • Three baskets for easier sorting: one for the whites which are mostly school uniforms, one for the colored tops and one for the lower body clothes.
  • Schedule two laundry days during weekend and another one at the middle of the week. The laundry cycle is scheduled to make sure there are enough uniforms to get the kids by the whole week and if possible till Monday or Tuesday the next week (the weekend wash load).
  • I use environmental-friendly bleach for the white clothes: distilled cane vinegar
  • For stubborn stains mostly on the whites around the collar and the backside parts, I use a brush to remove dirt away, gently of course, to avoid putting stress on the cloth.
  • Socks are soaked in soap and distilled cane vinegar “bleach” in a separate basin.
  • Pockets are checked for spare change, tissue papers, handkerchiefs and papers like receipts and candy wrappers.

During the wash stage, the following are the tips I do using my more than 10 year old double tub top load washing machine:

  • I put the delicates in a laundry bag.
  • After I soak in laundry soap and vinegar and wash the white tops first, I spin-dry the clothes to remove the soap suds for easier rinsing later on.
  • I repeat the process with the colored tops: spin-dry after washing with soap.
  • I then load the tub for another batch of water and soap for the bottoms clothes and then again spin-dry to remove the soap suds.

Take note though that when doing spin-drying method, do not just put the clothes in the spin-dry tub. I fold the clothes carefully to avoid creases and wrinkles because I do not iron the clothes unless these are uniforms and those that we use for work.

Here is a nice tip: if you have shirts with deodorant stains in the armpit areas, spray these areas with the distilled cane vinegar and see the difference.

  • I rinse the clothes twice without having the water spill out while the wash cycle is on to remove the suds because the suds have already been rinsed out. This way I do not use water unnecessarily. I also use fabric softener on the second load of rinsing.

Before I put the clothes on a hanger, I…

  • shake the clothes to avoid the front and back parts as well as the armpit parts to stick together thereby creating creases and wrinkles.
  • The hangers go under the tops and not through the neckline to avoid the neckline being pulled for the hanger. This way, the necklines are preserved and not looking like the tops have been used for a game of tug-o-war. Hah, I’ve seen clothes like these and not a good sight I must say.
  • colored clothes are hanged to dry turned inside out

Laundry Tips

So, with all the things I need to do when I wash our clothes, it has been a dream of mine to be able to have a washing machine that will not just make washing easier, more clothes-friendly and more convenient to use and be able to conserve time, energy and lessen the consumption of water and electricity bills.

One of the newest washing machines I think answers all the things I listed above that embodies the best one in the market would be an Electrolux Time Manager front load washing machine.

Electrolux Time Manager

How so?

  • The Electrolux Time Manager Load Sensor feature that acts like a weighing scale which serves as a guide in selecting the perfect cycle and detergent recommendation for the wash load saving time, energy and water.

Electrolux Time Manager

  • Electrolux Time Manager Washing Machine helps remove household allergens by up to 99.9% through its Vapour Action (what a big help for my son who has allergic rhinitis and also to those with babies)

Laundry Tips

  • The Electrolux Time Manager Refresh Cycle relaxes the fibers and steams out the wrinkles of the clothes which helps out in cutting down ironing (yey to this!!) No matter smelly clothes that have been left in the cabinets for months because the Refresh Cycle relaxes the creases and removes that odd smell of unused clothes.
  • The Electrolux Time Manager has easy-to-use intuitive panel called IQ Touch which makes program settings as well as instructions easy to follow (I can probably tell my young children to go wash their dirty laundry using the  Electrolux Time Manager washing machine 😉 )

Electrolux’s “Thinking of You” Philosophy is Electrolux’s way of taking care of their customers. The newly opened Electrolux Customer Service Hub is a haven for customers who want to choose and buy spare parts or consumables for their Electrolux and White Westinghouse appliances.  Spare parts and accessories for small appliances as well as major ones and air conditioners are at least 80-90% available at the Electrolux Customer Service Hub.

Not that you need to avail these spare parts for your washing machine because consumers will notice that Electrolux washing machines have longer warranty service than other brands.

The Electrolux Customer Hub is a training facility as well to those wanting to be QUESTers Or Qualified Experienced Service Technicians.

The Electrolux Customer Service Hub is located at the Grundfos Building, 5548 Osmena Highway, Brgy. San Isidro,  Makati City.

The Customer Care team can also be reached through wecare@electrolux.com or 845-CARE (2273).


Write in the comments section below your best laundry tip to make Laundry Time Wash Loads of Love. The best laundry tip will get the following items delivered right at your home:

Parana ESI 515

  1. Electrolux Steam Iron ESI 515


  1. IKEA Silver Laundry Basket


  1. IKEA Children’s Clothes Hangers


  1. Surf Liquid Detergent


Jemimah Joy Oriendo

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We are thankful for weekend sale at the mall. Yesterday, we attempted to go to a nearby mall having a biennial sale but tough luck,  all roads were leading to that particular place and we didn’t attempt to even try entering the parking lot.

We may not have bought all the things we need for tomorrow’s school opening but we got the big (and more expensive stuff like bags and shoes) stuff covered. I like to think we do “wise spending” because of the following:

  • we only buy what we really, really need based on a list, written or mentally remembered 😉
  • we wait for the list of things to buy that the school gives so that we do not overbuy nor get things we won’t actually be needing
  • we spend a little more on essential and everyday things like bags for heavy books, shoes as well as those packed food essentials like food containers (do not scrimp on these especially because you usually put hot food and if the container is made of cheap plastic, who knows what toxic chemicals it releases). Getting these things at a bigger cost is inexpensive than getting these for less the cost and less quality which means you buy another bag because the bag strap broke or the shoe sole disintegrated.
  • we take note of the leftover school things we have so we don’t get the same things. So far we still have brown envelopes and paper folders as well as erasers, pencils and pad papers from last year’s school supplies at home. Not to mention manila paper, illustration boards, bond papers and colored art papers.
  • we do not get easily distracted with other items on sale be these fancy cute non-essential things, and I also try not to go in a hardware store during sale season ( my fave store I admit and I love looking at paint patches, gardening tools, even look online for handles at reidsupply.com)

Do you spend wisely? You should because as our parents used to say, money doe not grow on trees 😀

Ever heard of Katamino?

I admit I wouldn’t know what that is if I won’t Google the term.

I bought Katamino a few months back. This is definitely not easy to accomplish even if it looks like it is easy.


The photo shows shows the shapes of the Katamino I got. I would prefer the ones made of wood but this will make do for now.

Katamino will test one’s creativity, logic, problem-solving, planning and perception on how things go together. The geometric shapes look easy to fit to make the task done but do not be too sure about how everything fits together.


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Are you done shopping for your Christmas gifts to your loved ones? I hope you take time to consider this wonderful idea for your shopping list.

One of the things we really think about are gifts for our spouses.

For the husband, would he like that bottle of perfume you saved for and bought for him? Would you be able to see that one briefcase that stands out among briefcases for men be useful for him? What about those battery-operated shaving thingamajigs? A new gadget for the techie husband would be appreciated. Tickets to a trip you both will take? Absolutely perfect. Just don’t get those promo trip fares which would give you more than a headache.

Have fun shopping!

A lot of people do not give importance to music as a way to to teach children with special needs.

One of the things I enjoyed when I was still teaching preschool was to include music in the day to day curriculum. There are songs to make the kids get up and play, there are songs that teach learning concepts, there are songs that helps them pack away the materials they used such as there are songs that signals the class is ending in a bit and we have to say good-byes.

I have to say that though I have very limited musical ability when it comes to playing musical instruments during those times when I was still teaching the young ones, I know that did not deter me from enjoying music with them then. I just wish I paid more attention when I was taking piano lessons when I was way younger.

Teaching children about music (and also how to play various musical instruments) is a good way for them to learn a lot of things:

  • they learn to listen
  • they learn to feel the rhythm, the beat, the essence
  • they learn to be more sensitive in listening to others especially if they have to play musical instruments with others
  • they move to the beat of the music
  • they are able to distinguish similarities and differences for say for example, ultra light acoustic guitar strings or nylon strings

Music is a good learning tool and when properly used, can be a big help for the children with special needs.

Here are a few samples of songs to teach for children with special needs. 

Let me just say that I am proud of my student for being able to draw these, using pens and markers:

July7 warrior

Assassin’s Creed

Another updated version of the Assassin’s Creed, this time with more colors.

Assassin's Creed

Here is another Assassin’s Creed done with more colors.

Guess who?

The Godfather

The Godfather. He said he didn’t measure the drawing correctly so he lacked space at the end for the other letters. I told him to not sweat the small stuff because he is just brilliant!!! Isn’t he?

He even has a drawing of Scarface and some characters holding la flor dominicana cigars. I still have to find my photo of that in my files.

Photos do not look crisp, these were taken using a mobile device.

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