Among the many benefits of doing jigsaw puzzles, these three points stand out.

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1. Physical Skills: as the child manipulates the puzzle pieces to fit together, eye-hand coordination as well as fine-motor skills are developed.

2. Cognitive Skills: memory enhancement, problem-solving, shape and color recognition are just a few learning skills enhanced during jigsaw puzzle activities.

3. Emotional Development: for those who are having difficulty putting the puzzle pieces together, patience is slowly being developed as the child puts the pieces together.

Jigsaw puzzle activities can also be given as a goal setting objective that progresses from a few pieces to multiple pieces as the child becomes more adept with the activity.

One of the key factors in observing children we think may or may not have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder would be hand movements: finger tapping, hand tapping on surfaces that may produce sounds, like that of a drummer on drums.

They may use a pen to tap on the table or just tap a finger using the nail to create a sound. They may appear listless, touching, twirling, clapping, drumming on invisible drums, strumming invisible guitars, fiddling and all sorts of things that they may do with their hands, they would.

It seems annoying to those looking at them. These hand movements can be used with other actions and tasks that will make them concentrate and pay attention to. One of these activities would be drumming. Whether these drums are those box-looking beat boxes, purchased remo kintekloth tubano key-tuned at musicians friend or the regular drum set, these children may find a way to keep these hand movements positive and enjoyable.

Below is a short video on ADHD and finger tapping:

One of the things parents and caregivers have these children diagnosed with ADHD would be music and drumming. According to a Psychology Today article:

• Music and drumming: The brain activity is often sonar-driven for stimulation and I have developed specific drumming CDs that we have shown to heighten the frontal lobe activity consistently. […] My point is that there many types of rhythmic music that would accomplish this neurological process.

Other activities in the article made mention of:

  • chewing gum
  • breathing patterns
  • exercising (get them involved in sports)
  • eating the right food (diet of high proteins (at least 50%) and complex carbohydrates every morning – no sugar)

I looked for more articles supporting the idea of drumming for children diagnosed with ADHD and read about this interesting topic.

Zoe Kessler, had an 8-week drumming course for children at risk.

One boy stood out from the rest. He was louder, antsy-er and even more hyperactive than the others, and of course, he won my heart. One day, he was even worse than usual. After class, I approached him.

“So, what’s up?” I asked.

“I forgot to take my medication today,” he said.

“Ohhhh … I get it,” I said.

And he knew that I knew what he was talking about. Knew first-hand. And that there was no judgment, only camaraderie. If only I’d had an adult around like that when I was a kid, I thought. I’m trying to give these kids what I didn’t get when I was an out-of-control, misunderstood, hyperactive ADHD kid. I let them get up and dance, shout, parade around the room with drums, and be kinesthetic in their learning.

Mark Lucas believes drumming lessons can help children with ADHD and had designed programs to help these children learn drumming.

For parents of children diagnosed with ADHD, providing them with activities that will transfer their bountiful energy  in activities that will make them move and at the same time concentrate are a big help in helping them manage their behavior.

Yesterday, December 1, 2012, PWD Thanksgiving Celebration was held at the Manila Zoo.

PWD Thanksgiving Celebration at Manila Zoo

Manila Mayor Fred Lim was the guest of honor. He said in his speech the City Hall of Manila employs around 200 PWDs.

PWD Thanksgiving Celebration at Manila Zoo

PWD Thanksgiving Celebration at Manila Zoo

Guests and advocates who delivered messages were John Chua, A PWD Advocate and famous photographer;  Engr. Bien Mateo, Chairman of SM Program on Disability Affairs; Mr. Tony Pasia, representing all PWD Organizations.

PWD Thanksgiving Celebration at Manila Zoo

PWD Thanksgiving Celebration at Manila Zoo

PWD Thanksgiving Celebration at Manila Zoo

The guests of the event were treated to intermission numbers by the ASP Dream Girls who sang a medley of pop songs, PHWHIC Kids who did a Gangnam Style dance number and the Nelmida Twins and the Ambassadors of Light who delighted the guests with their songs.

PWD Thanksgiving Celebration at Manila Zoo

PWD Thanksgiving Celebration at Manila Zoo

PWD Thanksgiving Celebration at Manila Zoo

There was also a bird show c’/ Manila Zoo, Ventriloquist Show and Bubble Show .

Photography with a Difference supported the event with the participating groups:

  • ADHD Society
  • Autism Society of the Philippines
  • Down Syndrome Society of the Philippines, Inc
  • Parents Advocates for Visually Impaired Children
  • Parent Council for the Welfare of Hearing Impaired Children, Inc.
  • Philippine Society of Orphan Disorders

The PWD Thanksgiving Celebration was sponsored by the following: City of Manila, Kinder Zoo Adventure Jungle, Canon Philippines and SM Cares Foundation.

A few more photos here.

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