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No-Bake is a sort of magic word for us moms who love to make desserts for our loves.

No-Bake ChocoNut Pops

No-Bake ChocoNut Pops recipe here on my food blog.

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Exploreum in the Philippines was recently opened. This exciting place to be “Where Science Becomes Fun”.

The Exploreum will let the curious learners experience learning in a fun and memorable way because it believes and give value to science as an indispensable tool for understanding the world and enriching people’s lives.

There are 10 galleries covering a wide range of topics on some of the following topics:

  • topics related to life on Earth
  • fundamental nature of the cosmos
  • technology advances
  • environment
  • mechanical advances

Here are some (mobile) photos of the learning experiences that Exploreum has to offer:

Exploreum Manila
You can try to fly this plane yourself, using a simulation of course 😀

Exploreum Manila
Do you know how to operate this one?

Exploreum Manila

Exploreum Manila
Science on a sphere is just wonderful.

Click here for more photos.

Exploreum will let learners experience different mediums like 3D holograms, realistic wax models, virtual reality simulations, optical illusions, detailed replicas, games, audio-visual presentations and more.

Exploreum can be found at the Ground Floor of Southside Entertainment Mall at the SM Mall of Asia.

Jolly Cow Fresh Milk has recently launched “My Dream Job in a Glass” .

My kids are milk-drinkers and to be honest, Jolly Cow is one of the 2 or 3 milk brands that we buy when we go grocery shopping. Here’s a proof when I included some of the ingredients in my kitchen experiment for Banana-Oatmeal Mini Muffins and Baked Oatmeal recipes.

My Dream Job In a Glass of Fresh Milk was launched on July 29, 2013 at St. Mary’s Academy in Sta. Mesa Manila. The said event also visited St. Anthony School in San Andres, Manila last August 29, 2013.

Last September 27, 2013, the Jolly Cow Fresh Milk tour visited Angelicum College in Quezon City. More photos here.

Jolly Cow My Dream Job in a Glass of Milk

Highlights of this school tour feature Wanlu, a ventriloquist who talked about how drinking milk and achieving your dreams come hand in hand. He also taught the school children about puppets. The school children were also presented glasses with their photos on it along with their names and what they dream to become when they grow up.

Jolly Cow Fresh Milk’s My Dream Job in a Glass of Fresh Milk aims to educate the children the importance of drinking (fresh) milk everyday to help establish a strong and healthy body from proper nutrition that milk can give. Milk helps children cope with growth spurt, provides complete nutrition, has protein to build body tissues, calcium to build stronger bones and teeth, it is important that they drink this every day.

Jolly Cow Fresh Milk, one of the leading brands in fresh milk available in the market has 3.5% fat content which is higher than other brands and gives the milk better taste. Jolly Cow Fresh Milk is sourced from Germany which has a strict and high standard when it comes to their products. Fresh Milk is 100% natural with a sterilization process to lengthen the shelf life. Fresh Milk contains calcium, protein, carbohydrates which are all good in helping developing children.

Jolly Cow Fresh Milk is exclusively distributed by Fly Ace Corporation.

P.S. We buy a lot of products from FLyAce including The Good Life panko and Sesame Oil, Jolly mushrooms and Dona Elena olive oil.


We have been using HP Printers for several years now. Our current HP Printer is HP Deskjet F2480, while in a back room in the house lies an HP LaserJet printer which I am not sure if still functioning or not.

When an invitation to learn about HP Deskjet Ink Advantage Printers was emailed, I did not hesitate to join. Together with my youngest daughter with other online and print media writers, we trooped to Paradizoo Theme Park in Mendez, Cavite.

We stayed at the Orchid Pavilion where Christian Halili, a known photographer and cinematographer shared basic photography tips. The rest of the day is dedicated to taking photos using the tips we have learned from him.

christian halili

Some of the tips he shared were as follows:

The Right Light. The proper lighting makes photos look good. Early morning and late afternoons are good times to take photographs outdoors.

Go Manual and Avoid Using the Auto Setting. it is good to make use of the different setting of the camera to know what works best in particular situations. Since we can shoot as many photos as we want (well depends on the memory card), we can experiment. Delete if you must those photos you think don’t pass your judgment. On the other, you may also learn from these photos and improve on the next photoshoot. I rarely use the auto setting of my point and shoot, I use the P setting or program(able) setting.

Rule of Thirds.  It is just fine if we don’t put the subject of the photograph right smack in the middle of the photo. Pro photographers love the rule of thirds. To know the rule of thirds, you can opt to see the lines on your camera screen as a guide: three rows and three columns. You can position your subject then on the right or left depending on what you see in the scene before you. I need to learn more a lot on this tip.


Us guests were given time to visit the zoo and take photos. Being a trigger happy amateur, I happily clicked away at the animals, flowers, landscape and my daughter.

Below was my entry photo that was printed using an HP Deskjet Ink Advantage Printer. We did not win a printer with my photo submission but my daughter and I enjoyed a day of bonding, taking photos, meeting new friends and learning something new about our favorite brand of printer.


For more info on the lineup for HP Deskjet Ink Advantage printers, click here or watch this:

Teach your child crafts and develop his/her imagination and creativity.

Teaching the “arts” with children is not about giving them crayons and photos to color “within the lines”.

Teaching children creativity does not mean giving them photos where they have to paste colored paper cut-outs and the one who pasted the cut-outs within the line is the most artistic.

No, to these activities I say a big NO.

Give the child an empty paper, different materials that he/can use and you will be surprised how creative the “artworks” turn up. There are, no doubt, children who can create mini-masterpieces once they are not confined to just coloring within the lines. There is no doubt too, that there are children born with an eye for colors and details, an ear for the perfect pitch and a way with words that seem to surpass the young age.

Do not concern yourself so much with “neatness” because there are those who see beauty in a variety of materials available. If you want your place to be neat and orderly and are ruled by too many restrictions, you tend to be less creative.


Teach your child crafts if you think painted photos do not present any values.

Paper House

Crafts are wonderful ways to teach children about using materials that are otherwise deemed as junk. Craft products like bags, notepads, wind chimes, paper houses, Christmas tree decorations, gift cards, even personalized wholesale envelope printing are not just usable but can help them earn a bit for themselves.

If you and your child are busy the whole week, take time out for a weekend to do crafting.

Crafting has a lot of benefits and a few are the following:

  • you save money by recycling materials you would otherwise consider as trash
  • you develop your imagination and create new products out of the old ones
  • you unleash your creativity
  • you become a good problem solver
  • you become a good planner and organizer
  • you earn money when people start noticing the things you create

You can give these crafts as gifts too and make people feel good knowing that these were made by your own hands.

Ever heard of Katamino?

I admit I wouldn’t know what that is if I won’t Google the term.

I bought Katamino a few months back. This is definitely not easy to accomplish even if it looks like it is easy.


The photo shows shows the shapes of the Katamino I got. I would prefer the ones made of wood but this will make do for now.

Katamino will test one’s creativity, logic, problem-solving, planning and perception on how things go together. The geometric shapes look easy to fit to make the task done but do not be too sure about how everything fits together.


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