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It’s been while since I posted a photo for Photo Hunters. I miss this weekly photo meme which I have been participating actively back inΒ  2007.

For January 14th, the theme is CIRCULAR.

I thought of posting a photo of several stainless steel bracelets I took photo of but I decided to use this Christmas tree photo at the MIL’s house. Now this has a lot of circular, colorful and festive Christmas balls.


Can’t wait for 2012 Christmas! πŸ˜€

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Cars are not just modes of transportation but symbolic representations of power, authority, status symbol and wealth.

I don’t think a CEO of a big company or a famous sports jock (or maybe even a congressman, ahem…) would want get caught driving a car that doesn’t match what he/she is “worth”. Sure, they’d probably use wheels for less for their cars’ accessories but… you know what I mean.

Here are a few SYMBOLIC emblems of cars that make heads turn when they are seen when they zip by πŸ˜‰

Car emblems

Which ride would you like to have?

I thought I wouldn’t be able to make an entry for this week’s theme: NEAR. Wait, I already did make an entry here.

I have tons of photos using macro mode but since I am a little busy resting (huh?) because the kids are using the desktop computers. I needed to prepare for dinner so I had to stand up to do so and decided I might as well make a post featuring my favorite flower: the sunflower! Yey!


Good thing I was able to take photos of these sunflowers last April because the rains came really early and they were all plucked out.

Photo taken along University Ave in UP Diliman.

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These are handmade notepads I made last year after the Christmas holidays when boredom struck me.

I got some colored paper, stickers, rings, and papers used for calling cards as the cover because these are “thick”.

note pads

I just cut the papers, punched a hole on top, put the covers at the front and back and had fun choosing the stickers to put. The stickers were just simply stuck on the cover and no need for flat irons nor glue guns to make them stick.

I’ve stopped making these for now but I have a lot of cut papers and more stickers and rings to put together before Christmas season arrives.

Yes, I’m giving more of these handmade gifts to friends πŸ™‚

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Here is my artistic youngest child, designing her own Havaianas in an event we went to last year.

Designing a Havaianas

She didn’t win anything though but it would have been exciting if she did.

She’s here beside me now, bugging me and my hubby that the rains have stopped (sky still looks heavy with gray clouds though) and says “Can we go watch Kung Fu Panda 2 (not 3D because that’s expensive for a party of 5) or go buy a guitar at the mall?”

I’m guessing if we do go, she and the brother will ask to be brought to the toy stores to look at Beyblade, swords, marine binoculars and toy cars.

Ahem, we still have to purchase school supplies so “No can do right now on those toys”.

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The wonders of a digital camera in this digital age. As I’ve said in this other entry featuring a Fire Tree, there are times when my digital camera seems to be an extension of my hand. And who would have thought that it is possible to take photos of just about anything we see as beautiful, odd, funny and whatever feeling and emotion we feel when we took a snap or two because we can still take hundreds or even thousands more photos?

Here is a photo of dainty purple flowers in my MIL’s garden, where this curly fern was taken too. I don’t think I’d take notice of this and take a photo if I’m not using a digital camera.

Purple Flowers

We do not just do things virtually these days like pay bills online and chat with long lost friends, drivers don’t get lost because they have gps for truckers and homework has never been difficult because everything is just a Google away.Β  Yes, we have sort of made the world truly a global village.

In my several years of blogging, I’ve been to many different wonderful places through the photos my blog friends share. I’ve met lovely friends online and later on some of them I’ve met personally too.

A few became very close friends who are more updated about our lives than some of our relatives combined, LOL.

Thanks to the digital world, work seems easier than before. Maybe except when we have power outage and/or have intermittent internet connection.

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