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Last Saturday, I got the chance to be invited to join other bloggers to go to the Belo Medical Clinic. Here is my post about the event in my other blog.

I first thought why we were invited to such an event would be to present to us the different services that the clinics offer.

And I was right when Dr. Hayden Kho Jr talked about how the clinic began with its owner’s dreams, the stellar, Dr.Vicki Belo. He presented before and after photos, statistics and the usual line up of their services, focusing on the 80% non-invasive treatments that they have.

But then, when Dr. Vicki Belo put in an appearance, she also talked about how she was inspired to put up such kind of clinics and how the clinics have expanded over time.

She also discussed about the different products they offer at affordable prices. They have soaps and facial wash. I am not sure if they have pimple cream for sale.

Then when she started talking about giving back to others, I was surprised. I didn’t know that the purpose of having the bloggers invited was to spread information about this said foundation, named after her parents, Ike and Nena Belo.

There were questions all around. It was obvious that they are still organizing the details and procedures about how to go with this foundation. This foundation was launched when the clinics celebrated 18 years in the business. Click here and here to read about the launch.

This foundation will try to reach out to those in need of medical attention like the victims who had burns, surgery for children with cleft palate and giving of scholarships to those who are financially challenged.

Of course, the topic about the children with cleft palate perked up my interest though I have not worked with them but the speech-language pathologists I work with have worked with them.

I just hope that the BMG would be able to iron out the details so that they can start their screening procedures as soon as possible.

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