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There is no doubt that among local bloggers there are a few who stand out not because they are “popular enough” to get invited to events because they write prolifically, figuratively, poetically and will move you to tears after which or at the same will make you guffaw. There is one blogger who makes me feel that way Who is she? None other than Annamanila who writes at Ode2Old.

She is among all other things, a creative writer who weaves creative thoughts and reality seamlessly.

On retirement she writes:

“What I am trying to say is one still has to fill one’s days with a balanced fare — enjoyable and dutiful ; fluffy and solid; physical and cerebral. What I call the three Ps: Poetry, Purpose and Play. And, not to forget — Passion!”

She loves Anne Tyler:

When a book hits me hard, as a Tyler almost always does, I virtually go down on my knees at its end, kissing the book, blessing the author, and wishing her “Long Live!” that she may forever write and never stop filling and refilling the treasure trove of her works.

We come across a writer of this caliber once in a while and there is no doubt her works should be in print.

And it is now. The book is entitled “In Another Dress”

In Another Dress by Annamanila

Annamanila’s daughter, Alina wrote about the book and the author. Momblogger friends iMom and Ann Khaye also wrote about the book in their blogs.

Here we are during her book launching, with a scanned article from the Philippine Daily Inquirer:

In Another Dress book launch

Annamanila with iMom, Wenchie and Rachel and me.

Thanks to Rachel and my bro for uploading this in Fezbuk.

I could not have seen this without this scanned page since I do not have the newspaper itself AND a scanning software.

Yes, I signed up here. My friend signed up too.

I don’t know what has gotten into me but I did. I signed up for the shortest distance though it seems like a full run for me, lol.

I guess I had to take the first step, blindly if it seems like so, in my quest to find a fitness program for me.

Sure, I am not that prepared in terms of stats, stamina and even the proper gear but then again, when will I be if I didn’t take this risky step?

I know this developing affinity to walking (and uhm, ok, something that resembles running in between walking) may seem too late to come but I am feeling the good effects. I see the same results with the fit-looking and happy guys (ok, senior citizen guys) who walk faster and cover longer distance than me.

I seem to feel lighter maybe because I sweat a lot when I do my rounds. This is probably one of the best fat burners one can have.

I hope I will be able to finish and not be a DNF. Did.Not.Finish πŸ˜€

Braving the downpour and the winds, my three children and I trooped to Active Fun SM North EDSA Annex last Friday for a play date with mommy blogger friends and their children. Active play is encouraged here for children ages 2-12. One can even have his/her party in this venue. Now what could be more fun than playing with your guests afterward?

The kids had so much fun! We moms had fun too and I have to say spending time inside with the children was fun, fun and fun! Yes, playing, moving around and interacting with friends is way more fun and beneficial than being a couch potato or playing computer games.

It was difficult to take photos because the kids were on the move. No complaints though, just showed how much they enjoyed playing: running, playing on the floor, climbing, going down the slide, burying themselves in the ball pit, building blocks, shooting basketball and so much more.

Mauie, Cess, Trixie (my daughter), me, Chats, Salen, Feng and Cookie.

Hmmm… I forgot to ask though if parents can join their children inside. We were able to go inside to take photos. And another thought, who needs diet pills when one can burn a lot of calories just by having fun? Wheee!

Here is one last group photo with Apple Morales. Happy smiles = had fun πŸ™‚

Active Fun Children’s Play and Party Centre SM North EDSA can be found at the 3rd floor of SM North EDSA Annex, Quezon City.

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