I thought I wouldn’t be able to make an entry for this week’s theme: NEAR. Wait, I already did make an entry here.

I have tons of photos using macro mode but since I am a little busy resting (huh?) because the kids are using the desktop computers. I needed to prepare for dinner so I had to stand up to do so and decided I might as well make a post featuring my favorite flower: the sunflower! Yey!


Good thing I was able to take photos of these sunflowers last April because the rains came really early and they were all plucked out.

Photo taken along University Ave in UP Diliman.

Posted by julie @ 8:49 am

This bird is free and not caged, like some birds are.


We love to hear them chirp early in the morning and during late afternoon. We love to see them fly from one tree to the next which is rarely seen considering we live in the city. That tree by the way is beside the house. They may make some “dirt” on some of our things placed outdoors but it’s ok with me as long as they don’t bring any diseases (like maybe bird flu).

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