I thought I wouldn’t be able to make an entry for this week’s theme: NEAR. Wait, I already did make an entry here.

I have tons of photos using macro mode but since I am a little busy resting (huh?) because the kids are using the desktop computers. I needed to prepare for dinner so I had to stand up to do so and decided I might as well make a post featuring my favorite flower: the sunflower! Yey!


Good thing I was able to take photos of these sunflowers last April because the rains came really early and they were all plucked out.

Photo taken along University Ave in UP Diliman.

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This bird is free and not caged, like some birds are.


We love to hear them chirp early in the morning and during late afternoon. We love to see them fly from one tree to the next which is rarely seen considering we live in the city. That tree by the way is beside the house. They may make some “dirt” on some of our things placed outdoors but it’s ok with me as long as they don’t bring any diseases (like maybe bird flu).

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Do you reduce? Reuse? Recycle? Your garbage I mean.

Reduce, reuse and recycle are some of the more important terms to know about garbage management. Why, these three words are also synonymous with how we live our lives but that thought is not in connection to this post.


In our household, I segregate recyclables and reusable things like plastic bottles, glass jars, boxes, plastic egg trays, and tin cans. I don’t have steel drums for these yet but I have a big (with a small crack) plastic water container for these things. I give this away to Manang who comes in to clean the yard once a week.

Every now and then I sort through the toys and clothes and give what have not been played with and worn. With the junk piling up, we would be drowning in accumulated junk if I don’t do these things.

I have to do a bit lot of general cleaning and I really hope I find the time to do so to rid the house of so much junk we don’t usually use.

I hope I get the inspiration to start doing these things.

Techonomy is [tech(nology) + (ec)onomy] which means organized activities related to the invention, development, production, distribution and consumption of technology-enhanced goods and services that a society uses to address the problem of scarcity and to enhance the quality of life.

A rational, optimistic, forward-looking and technically savvy work ethics that works hand-in-hand with technological achievement, human ingenuity and sustainable living.

Read more about Techonomy here.

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Please see my colorful Bracelet a Breloques entry here 🙂

The son had a field trip at NUVALI Evoliving community last Wednesday. And just like my youngest daughter, I went with him as a chaperon.

They learned about green environment and green buildings in this particular leg of the field trip.

But what my son specifically liked about the place was the colorful koi fish at the lake which they fed with fish feed that can be bought from the fish feeding kiosk. (No need for a pair of scissors or a  box cutter because these fish food are available in small plastic containers, which incidentally, IMO, does not go well with the green theme since young children might easily throw this in the water with the koi fish.) Anyway, the koi, fish are colorful and great to look at:


Watch a video of this fish eat fish world here:

Have a colorful and fun weekend!

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