Quezon City Rush Hour Traffic

Tonight, thankfully the youngest child and I have arrived before the rains came. Going home is a struggle for a lot of people here in Metro Manila, especially to those who ride the public transport. And even if people drive their own cars, the traffic situation is horrible especially during afternoon rush hour till late evening. Or maybe it is just here in our area?

How to keep sane inside a vehicle during rush hour traffic in Metro Manila (and elsewhere there’s traffic)?

  • Listen to music that you really love. If you are a commuter, bring your own earphones to listen to the music that suits your taste because chances are, the public utility vehicle you are riding has its own music. This also prevents you from listening to the incessant yakking of someone sitting close to you. Beware to not play too loud music that you are not aware of the things happening to you.
  • Organize your thoughts and affairs by being mindful amidst the chaos. If you are driving, you can’t do this too much because you need all your faculties on alert during traffic.
  • For passengers who are not too sensitive with the vehicle’s motions, you can update your social media accounts to while away the time or watch a movie or videos on your phone. Be sure to secure your phone with you and that you are still aware of the people around you.
  • Talk to the person you are with, it will make travel time easier and seem faster. Just don’t talk too loud that others are sending you dagger looks.
  • If you are a passenger, perhaps you can try to meditate amidst the passengers around you. Tune out the noise and concentrate on your thoughts.
  • Bring food to nibble, breath mints and candies to chew and drinks for when you are thirsty. Don’t overdo for you may not be able to take a bathroom break in the middle of EDSA or Marcos Highway riding with 9 other passengers. Make sure that the food is not too aromatic that may incite the hunger pains of the other passengers to be more pronounced.
  • Be patient. Keep your cool and remember that like you, everyone wants to go home and rest after a tiring day at work.
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2014 Shell Eco-Marathon Manila

2014 Shell Eco-Marathon Manila

We all trooped to Quirino Grandstand and Luneta last Sunday to participate in the 2014 Shell Eco-Marathon happening in Manila. Read the HIGHLIGHTS of the 2014 Shell Eco-Marathon Asia here. Our main purpose is to see the cars running in the race tracks. There were nine entries from the different Philippine universities including the eldest daughter’s uni. The team got fifth place overall in their category while two other universities did good too, in another category.

2014 Shell Eco-Marathon Manila

Security was tight, and we didn’t mind. There were designated entrances and exits and foot traffic was good. Visitors will be able to see the races before they enter the main venue where different activities for visitors await them. The foot bridges constructed where visitors will get access to and from the main venue had barriers to keep visitors from being directly above the running cars.

2014 Shell Eco-Marathon Manila

We first went to the venue where the mini Shell Eco-Marathon cars are being assembled. Every visitor gets one. It is your choice to assemble your car kit or not, such as it is your choice to enter in the race or not. We got five race car kits and assembled three.

2014 Shell Eco-Marathon Manila

2014 Shell Eco-Marathon Manila

2014 Shell Eco-Marathon Manila

We raced two mini SEM cars and the youngest daughter won her race, besting nine other cars. The best thing aside from assembling your mini SEM cars? These run on saltwater “fuel”. Cool huh?

2014 Shell Eco-Marathon Manila

We also went to the Energy Lab where the visitors can take part in the different activities and learn about energy.

2014 Shell Eco-Marathon Manila

2014 Shell Eco-Marathon Manila

2014 Shell Eco-Marathon Manila

2014 Shell Eco-Marathon Manila

2014 Shell Eco-Marathon Manila

My kids loved the activities there.

2014 Shell Eco-Marathon Manila

We have been using HP Printers for several years now. Our current HP Printer is HP Deskjet F2480, while in a back room in the house lies an HP LaserJet printer which I am not sure if still functioning or not.

When an invitation to learn about HP Deskjet Ink Advantage Printers was emailed, I did not hesitate to join. Together with my youngest daughter with other online and print media writers, we trooped to Paradizoo Theme Park in Mendez, Cavite.

We stayed at the Orchid Pavilion where Christian Halili, a known photographer and cinematographer shared basic photography tips. The rest of the day is dedicated to taking photos using the tips we have learned from him.

christian halili

Some of the tips he shared were as follows:

The Right Light. The proper lighting makes photos look good. Early morning and late afternoons are good times to take photographs outdoors.

Go Manual and Avoid Using the Auto Setting. it is good to make use of the different setting of the camera to know what works best in particular situations. Since we can shoot as many photos as we want (well depends on the memory card), we can experiment. Delete if you must those photos you think don’t pass your judgment. On the other, you may also learn from these photos and improve on the next photoshoot. I rarely use the auto setting of my point and shoot, I use the P setting or program(able) setting.

Rule of Thirds.  It is just fine if we don’t put the subject of the photograph right smack in the middle of the photo. Pro photographers love the rule of thirds. To know the rule of thirds, you can opt to see the lines on your camera screen as a guide: three rows and three columns. You can position your subject then on the right or left depending on what you see in the scene before you. I need to learn more a lot on this tip.


Us guests were given time to visit the zoo and take photos. Being a trigger happy amateur, I happily clicked away at the animals, flowers, landscape and my daughter.

Below was my entry photo that was printed using an HP Deskjet Ink Advantage Printer. We did not win a printer with my photo submission but my daughter and I enjoyed a day of bonding, taking photos, meeting new friends and learning something new about our favorite brand of printer.


For more info on the lineup for HP Deskjet Ink Advantage printers, click here or watch this:

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Last Friday was a day we were out from noon till midnight. Talk about the strain on the pocket for food expenses because we still had to go to the supermarket and there was no packed food.


We went to the kids’ school and to two events. While I was at a media launch of a new tv show (more about that soon in that other blog), the children went around looking for milk tea stores and after that, settled in a restaurant, all by themselves. It was a bittersweet moment for me knowing they did this by themselves. Of course I had to pay for their food when I came to pick them up, lol.

After that we headed off to a mall for the premiere screening of Snow White and the Huntsman which the eldest daughter and I watched while the husband and the boy went to MIB3. We had fun browsing the stores in that mall: furniture, toys, clothes, music store with teens looking to buy bbdrums and pianos on display (where the eldest daughter played on a piano) and finally movie time.

I enjoy it when I listen to my daughter confidently play on keyboards, even if she knows there are better piano players around her. She plays while standing and does not look around if people are listening to her or not. Gotta love the sass! 😉

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I have a Cisco Linksys E4200 router giveaway contest here. Should I get the most number of respondents for the survey questions, I will raffle off that PhP9,000 worth router. I will also get to win a gadget when that happens, so woot!

On the other hand…

A “lucky” reader also gets the chance to win a gift pack from Johnson’s Baby World of Firsts here by just writing a caption referring to the first photo in the post.

So many contest to join online and I’m sure there are a lot of happy winners out there and that includes me, yey!

Giveaways have included mobile phones, laptops, hewlett packard toner cartridges, food, gift certificates, beauty products and even webhosting packages.

In fact, there was that “heated” talk a while back if a certain government agency should ask bloggers to pay for a business permit of something like it when they hold online contests and host giveaways even if respondents did not purchase anything to qualify. I won’t get into that since I rarely host giveaways. 😀

These online contests range from high priced prizes to fab and fun ones. There are of course the issues about “professional online contest joiners”. Hmmmm… intriguing so I will not delve into that.

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The Millennium Run for Women’s Health is happening on November 6, 2011 at the McKinley Park.

millenium run for women's health

Bravehearts and the Philippine Obstetrical and Gynecological Society (POGS) will be having Millenium Run for Women’s Health, a fundraising event to that aims to increase awareness on women’s health issues. The registration fees Millenium Run for Women’s Health will help fund the many women’s health projects of POGS. Pregnancy-related deaths, breast cancer and cervical cancer issues are where these pledges will go to.

maternal mortality rate Philippines

In the Philippines, over 4,500 Filipinas die of childbirth, around 8,000 die from breast cancer while around 4,380 die from cervical cancer. These numbers are higher compared to other countries in our region.


Among the many causes that doctors see are poverty, lack of awareness about maternal health and lack of support from the government.

The last part being my opinion, so yes, I say YES TO RH BILL.

The Millennium Run for Women’s Health supports the United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals (MDG) which aims to lower mortality rates by the year 2015. POGS targets to improve maternal health in the Philippines.

millennium run

There are several categories for the run: 3k, 5k and 10k. <- click that for a bigger photo.




Millennium Run for Women’s Health is organized by Run For Change. Click here for more details.

Bravehearts also support The Tour of Hope which raises fund for the purchase of cervical cancer vaccines for the women in far-flung areas in the Philippines.

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