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Tortilla Wraps are easy to prepare and convenient as a go-to food when you need to go somewhere. Children can also bring these as their packed food.

Tortilla Wraps

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Please don’t get me wrong, I am not judging how the kids these days behave. This article will merely point out the things we do, in my opinion as a parent and as a teacher, that may hinder the way our children grow up the way we want them to. This will not try to compare one generation to the other in terms of which is better and will not indict “bad” parents and extol “good” ones.

Having said that, let me just write down my thoughts and those of some other adults I know when the topic “Kids these days” come up.

Kids these days need to look up and look around more. You don’t need statistics or testimonials to know that most of today’s young people have their heads down on the glaring and moving graphics of their electronic gadgets. Sometimes it makes us wonder if they know what is going on around them at all.

Kids these days are easily bored. Whether waiting for their turn at the doctor’s clinic, waiting for the food orders to arrive or waiting for the school service to come pick them up, they are bored. Parents see to it that they manage their time wisely by providing them with things that will entertain them: electronic gadgets.

Kids these days rely heavily and put emphasis on fast: Fast food and fast internet connection among others. Delayed gratification is something they need to learn because the truth is the truly good things in life are earned the long and hard way, with much patience and perseverance.

Kids these days are emotionally involved because of the technological advances including how fast and how graphically the news are delivered. Should children know in detail things that are happening elsewhere whereas they know nothing about what is happening in their own immediate environment? Should they be exposed to the violence happening around the world without understanding the impact of these things in their lives? Should we allow our children to read and watch things beyond their understanding?

Kids these days should learn how to form, think of and write their own opinions and not rely on what they read online. Everything is available in the internet. At the click of a button or a tap of a finger, they are able to copy and paste research work painstakingly done by others without reading and understanding the contents, oftentimes without acknowledging the author. There are a lot of cases too where they just copy and paste unverified work without checking other sources.

Kids these days want to work with computers. Nothing wrong with setting the mind to work using computers in the future. The question is, are there children who would want to work in the agricultural and fisheries sector, the human aspects of running a business, the face-to-face management or utilization of the hands and creativity in work-related tasks?

Kids these days feel empowered because they know they can get what they want easily. Parents feel they have to give the best to their children, beyond what they need. They do not want to see their children having less than their peers, as though this would make their children mediocre or deprived.

Kids these days feel entitled, that is, that that the world owes them what they want and when they want it. This sense of entitlement can prove to be a fatal disappointment when things don’t go the way the children expect. At this point, even when the children have grown to be adults, they will be having difficulties dealing with rejection, being denied the things they want to have and do because of the realization that they need to work hard and wait for the results.

Kids these days feel that they can handle all the challenges thrown at them because Mom and/or Dad are there for them at all times. We cannot always “clear the path” and face the adversities for the children to merrily make their way to their goals (which more often the parents have set and not the children themselves).

Kids these days are so dependent on the yaya to do simple tasks for them like getting them a drink of water, carrying their lunch boxes or even getting their clothes from the cabinet.

Parents should think about the long-term effects of their parenting style. Parents should guide the children to make their own decisions and choose what steps they should take to realize their dreams. Remember that you parents can’t be with them 24/7. There are a lot of life lessons and life-changing decisions that children have to make on their own in due time but if they know what to do and have been guided properly, then there is not much to fear. Parents should not be in competition with other parents or families because all children are unique in their own way.

How should we deal with the kids then?


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Having gone through Encycligent’s DMIT or Dermatoglyph Multiple Intelligence Test, I am recommending that parents as well as teachers and schools to consider the possibility of having their children go through with DMIT.

Here is a brief writeup about DMIT.


Here are the reasons why parents should consider having their child(ren) undergo DMIT:

• Boost the child’s self-confidence by providing the appropriate activities. Knowing the child’s areas of strengths in the different aspects of multiple intelligences will increase the likelihood of him/her accomplishing the goals set. On the other hand, in the areas where the child has weaknesses, these skills can be given support to further develop in order to complement the areas of strength.

• The parenting style can be patterned according to the child’s learning style to be able to appropriately provide for his/her needs in learning new things, mastering old ones and acquiring new skills.

• The bond between the parents and the child is strengthened because the parents understand their child better than before the DMIT results were given.

• For the financial aspect, knowing the child’s innate intelligences will save the parents time, effort and money spent on activities that are not interesting or relevant to the child.

• The child experiences unique childhood experiences catered to the areas of multiple intelligences that need boost. The child is given the support to be able to do the things he can excel in and at the same time focus time and energy to tasks that he is not particularly good at.

For those individuals (or the non-parents) who want to know themselves better, the benefits of having DMIT are the following:

• Knowing the strengths or weaknesses in the different areas of Multiple Intelligences that they didn’t know they had all along.

• By knowing these strengths and weaknesses, people will reflect on their current living condition and see what passions and dreams that they have set aside that they can pursue and rekindle amidst the chaos of the daily grind.

• Self-development programs to further develop innate intelligences can help them boost their confidence and plan ahead to reach their goals and dreams.

• When they discover and understand their innate talents and abilities and further enhance these, fulfilling careers and better lives are not far behind.

• When they understand themselves better, they are able to not just improve themselves but improve on the different aspects of their lives: relationships, career, improve productivity, take better control of resources, efforts and time because these are not wasted on futile efforts.

• Work on a career where they can be satisfied, productive and happy because the potentials have been discovered, whether these are strong and needs a bit of support or where skills need more polishing to be able to maximize efficiency and performance.

We all have that need to have better abilities to develop ourselves better by being equipped with competencies that will help us reach our goals and dreams.

We all have that hidden passion that may need rekindling in order to live the life we have envisioned for ourselves.

We all have that need to have a career, not just a job, for us to find fulfillment, to celebrate successes that help us improve the lives of others, not just ourselves, and knowing we are on the right path is enough motivation to follow our dreams and goals.

Would you deny yourself that chance to be what you can be because you now know yourself better than before?


For information on Dermatoglyph Multiple Intelligent Test, contact Encycligent Marketing Services


Landline: (+632) 579-1170 or 775-7072

Mobile: +639178699418 +639189799224


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Summer vacation is drawing to a close. My two younger children have less than two weeks before they go to school while my eldest still has a month and a half before she goes back to college.

Summer vacation for me is a time I get respite from waking up at 4:30am to prepare packed food for the children (and the hubby as well) to bring with them.

What have you done during the summer vacation? Over seas trip? Trip to the beaches and beautiful places in the country/ Summer lessons for the children?

Was summer an eventful season for you and your family? Was it a boring vacation?


Were you able to make new memories to cherish in the years to come?

Were the days too short because you had so many things you wanted to do or were the days too long because these are mostly boring?

Are you starting to make new plans to make next year’s summer more exciting?

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Moms should find time for a “ME” time. Specific instruction on “ME” time and not “MOM” time.

This is not being selfish and all, wanting to spend time with one’s self, without the children, without thoughts of unfinished house work (well, there better be no house work to think about as these should all be done the soonest possible time) and just being a “ME” and not a “MOM”.

What were you before you became a mom? What activities did you enjoy most? What hobbies did you cultivate before being a mom? What activities do you like to engage in with your “ME” time?

  • Do you like to read?
  • Do you like to dance?
  • What about learning a musical instrument or a foreign language?
  • Do you like to further enhance your singing voice?
  • Do you like to get fit and join a group of people wanting to become fit?
  • Do you like to get a graduate degree course?
  • What about gardening? cooking? sewing? crafting? driving?
  • Or do you just want to have an hour or just half of it to take it slow and have a refreshing nap?
  • Perhaps you just want to enjoy a bar of your favorite chocolate all by yourself?

Whatever it is you want, like or need to do for yourself, find time for it and do it. Fix your schedule so that you are able to manage your time and resources.  If it is not possible to leave the house because there would be no one to mind the children, then you can do virtual lessons in cooking, sewing, crafting, fitness exercises and even learning a musical instrument. The possibilities are endless as long as you are willing to plan ahead.

And please, do not feel guilty about spending “ME” time because you deserve this after all the hard work you put in the care of your children and your household.

Personally,  “ME” time is not to be spent a few hours away from the children and the household every day, doing things and spending time with people who do not contribute to your own personal growth.

What is it then?

It could be…

  • once-a-week salon pampering,
  • lunch with friends,
  • coffee time with college buddies you haven’t seen for a few months,
  • a movie with your BFF,
  • a once a week formal lessons in cooking, crafting, sewing, dancing, and gym time,
  • early morning/evening walk in the neighborhood,
  • reading one book per week
  • enjoying a slice of your favorite chocolate cake. Alone.

When your children see that you are happy, that you love yourself as much as you love them, that you don’t stop learning new things, then you inspire them to do better because they have you as their role model. Isn’t that what we would like for our children?


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This seemingly contradictory phrase is dedicated to those whose life seems to hang in the balance when disconnected.  For that matter, that includes me, too.

Let me ask how many gadgets you have to get connected to the World Wide Web? Do you have a laptop? A pc? A smart phone? A tablet? A camera with wifi connectivity? A phablet? Chances are, you have at least two or three of these electronic gadgets and more often than not, your attention is held captive by the small screen glowing in front of you.

There is nothing wrong with having gadgets especially if these allow you to communicate with your loved ones who are far away, to make work-related decisions, or to browse social media sites that you frequently visit to share your latest shopping find, food trip or selfie.  Just be sure you don’t let the gadgets dominate your lives and diminish the quality of your face-to-face personal interaction.

Consider these questions and answer honestly:

·         Have you felt that you are serving the electronic gadgets you own instead of the other way around?

·         Have you felt that you need to check the latest updates from your friends,  the latest news, the latest trends and what’s hot or not in your favourite topics before going to bed?

·         Right now, how many programs are open on your computer? Perhaps your email, Google search box, social media sites and online shopping sites? Even more?

·         Where is your mobile phone or tablet right now? Is it at your side, in your hand, in your pocket, at your bedside? Is the alert signal turned on to keep you posted of an incoming message?

·         Does the need to be connected make you happy or does it cause you some distraction, a headache from lack of sleep and eye strain, and stress?

·         Do you feel connected but at the same time you feel alone?

·         Has the phrase “Alone together” ever occurred to you when you are with family and friends and everyone is looking at each one’s smart phones and conversation is sporadic or desultory?

(Are your gadgets more important than your wedding rings? You know, do you frequently look at these more even if you are supposedly spending quality time with your spouse?)

As connected as we try to be using technology, it has also removed us from having meaningful face-to-face conversations, connections and interactions.  Ironically, these tools we use to be more connected make it difficult to be intimate.

William Powers wrote in his book Hamlet’s BlackBerry: A Practical Philosophy for Building a Good Life in the Digital Age: “And we’re losing something of great value, a way of thinking and moving through time that can be summed up in a single word: depth. Depth of thought and feeling, depth in our relationships, our work and everything we do. Since depth is what makes life fulfilling and meaningful;  it’s astounding that we’re allowing this to happen.”

Do we live plugged-in lives?


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