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Rachel gave me a You Light Up My Life Award many moons ago.

Mousey gave me an award too, a few days ago. And guess what? Maiylah did too! As well as Desert Diva 🙂

Thanks to you. I would like to give these awards to the wonderful friends that I had the pleasure of knowing, through their blogs and through a wonderful bond we have: being MOTHERS.

Cess, Chateau, Cookie, Feng, Lynn, Wenchie.

Thanks, for the wonderful picnic we had. Thank you for the laughter and the snippets of wisdom. Till the next happening in June.

Rachel, I hope you can come next time 🙂

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The following are awards given by blogger friends. They are one of the reasons why blogging more fun. Thank you to all of you, from the bottom of my heart.

5 Star blog award from Rachel:


Peace award from Elaine AKA Napaboaniya:


Another 5 Star Award, this time from Emmyrose:


Cool Mom, Sexy and Beautiful Blogger awards from Mary:




Thank you very much. Now it is my turn to give these awards to the following (some are newfound) blogging friends:

Weng, Thess, Kat, Kiky, Rebecca, She, MegaMom, KittyMama, Bing, JC, Manilenya

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Colin is one blogger who is very generous, not just with his sweet comments but with the awards that come his way. He has shared these awards to me and several other bloggers. Thank you Colin, from the bottom of my heart.


Colin joked that he should be changing his blog’s name to the Awards Blog 😀

Now I want to give these awards to the following people who have inspired me, from whom I have learned valuable lessons from and who in their own unique ways, contributed to the growth not just of this blog but to my personal growth as well.

Analyse | Ann | AnnaManila | Arlene | ArleneC | Auee | Bambie | Bang | Belle | Berna | Chateau | Cheryl | Christianne | Colin | Connie | Cookie | Dana | Dexie | Dine-SexyMom | Dom | EmmyRose | Feng | Ferdz | Geraldo | Geri | Jane | Jing | Joni | JMom | Jun | Kathy | Kim | Lady Cess | Liza | Lovelyn | Luiza | Lutchi | Lynn | Marcia | Martoon | Mary | Mayi | Megamom | Melanie | Melai | Mitch | MM | Mott | Mousey | Niceheart | Nikoy | Noemi | Pinky | Princess | Rachel | Racquel | Raq | Rhoda | Salen | Sasha | ShielaMarie | Soloops | Tina | Trina | Trixie | Turtles | Wenchie | TNChick | Ipanema | Toni | Patricia | Andree | Pat | JMB | JC | Napaboaniya | Barbara H | Becci | BengBeng | BlurMommy | Bobbie | BonggaMom | Caroline | Carver | Criz Lai | Dragonheart’s Human Mom | Eastcoastlife | ExpatTraveler | Heather | JamsODonell | JHS | Karen | Liz and Harvey | Mar | Pelf | Sabine | SabineM | Sara | PinoyMomsNetwork and all its memebers | Monaco | Lana G | Sandy | Femjo | Natalie | Bing | Ellen B | Liza | Sue | Anni | Janet | Julian | GreenBucks | Ricky
I may not be able to email you personally to tell you that I have these for you, but if you do happen to drop by, feel free to get these awards.These are given for free, with a sunny smile on the side 🙂

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Bang gave out awards recently.


Thanks, Bang! Thanks for unselfishly posting your recipes in your blog.i just hope these don’t land in some publication without your knowledge 😀

I am sharing these awards to the following bloggers: MegaMom, KittyMama, Napaboaniya, Liza and Bang. Bang, I am reflecting the awards back to you. Thank you, everyone, for being good blog friends 🙂

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Mauro of Portugal who blogs at 1MillionLoveMessages, included my blog in his list of blogs awarded with this:


Thank you very much, Mauro.

Thanks to you too, Mitch, for giving me this award.

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This post is long overdue.

A cute Friendship Award from Arlene and Shern’s Mom and Lynn. Thank you so much for giving this to me.


I would like to pass this Friendship Award to my new blogger friends:









Thank you for the inspiration, for the kind words and the virtual friendship.


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