We didn’t have a router before but the techie hubby tinkered with my laptop and made it the “router” where everyone can connect to the internet. This gave me a bit of a headache because there are times when I myself can’t connect whereas they are still connected through me. So I had to wait for them (all other three of them) to logout just so I can restart my laptop. Argh! isn’t it?


Now this all changed because we now have a Cisco LinkSys E1000 Wireless-N Router with Parental Control settings, thanks to Mommy Mundo and Cisco.

What is Linksys E1000 Wireless-N Router with Parental Control all about?

The LinkSys E1000 Wireless-N router package consists of:

package contents

1. Power cable

2. Quick installation guide

3. CD for installing the router and its settings

4. LAN/Ethernet cable

5. LinkSys E1000 Wireless-N Router

The LinkSys E1000 Wireless-N Router work can be easily installed and here’s a step-by-step instruction (please click on the photo to see a bigger resolution):

After inserting the CD, you need to


Set the parental control with the different gadgets you have in your home. You can set the time for the internet access to be made unnavigable to the gadgets you choose. Keywords can also be set for more parental control.

restrict internet access page

Personalize the settings according to what you feel should be for your family/home use:

router settings

Set the password and if you plan to stick to your settings, do not share the passwords with the children šŸ˜€

parental control password page

This is what the page will look like when your internet is blocked:

internet blocked

More Photos here.

You can win a Cisco LinkSys E4200 Wireless-N Router with Parental Control by answering the survey questions below.

Cisco Linksys E4200 router with parental control


ā€¢ Simultaneous Dual-Band N (2.4 & 5 GHz)
ā€¢ Gigabit Ethernet 4-port switch
ā€¢ Maximum speed up to 300 + 450 Mbps
ā€¢ USB port for shared storage
ā€¢ Built-In UPnP AV media server

If you want to win the Cisco Linksys E4200 Wireless Router worth almost P9,000 by just answering these questions:

1) How do you access Internet at home? 3G or Wifi connection?

2) Do you connect many Wi-fi devices (eg, smartphone, tablet, laptop,
wireless printer) at home? Yes or No. If yes, how many?

3) Do you have a wireless router at home? If yes, which brand are you using?

4) Which is the determine factor when choosing a home router for your
home? a) Brand / b) Performance / c) Price?

How to win:

  • Just answer the survey questions in the comment section below from October 17 – October 24 and you get a chance to win that wonderful router.
  • Write your full name and email address so I can contact you just in case I get the most number of respondents and get the chance to raffle off this device (please see below)
  • You should have an NCR address (a relative’s or a friend’s NCR home address would do!) where the Cisco Linksys E4200 will be delivered by Mommy Mundo if you win

Please help spread this contest because if I get the most number of respondents to the survey,Ā  I get the chance to raffle this off to the lucky respondent* and I also win a gadget! Woohoo! Come on, let’s help each other šŸ™‚

*There are 10 9 other mommy bloggers hosting this giveaway.

Let’s all help each other by spreading this good news.

Thank you all!



I got an email from Mommy Mundo yesterday and there is good news and bad news:

Bad news: if you posted response in any of the 10 participating mommy bloggers, you don’t increase your chances of winning because they will count the first comment as the valid one. So, if you answered my survey questions after you answered another blog’s, that comment counts as the other participating blog’s point. Buhuhuhu for me.

a) Readers may post only once and only in ONE (1) participating blog. Duplicate responses are not allowed. Only the survey response posted earlier will be counted.

but wait there’s more from Mommy Mundo:

Now to make things even more exciting, Mommy Mundo is also giving away a Linkys E4200 Router (worth P8,995)! So if you want to double your chances of winning, simply:

1) Join the CISCO LINKSYS Router BLOG CONTEST by following the mechanics above.
2) Leave a comment on this post along with your name and email address.
The winner of Mommy Mundoā€™s own Cisco giveaway will be announced on Oct. 28 as well!

Reminder: Only those who have commented/answered the survey in any of the 10 participating mom blogs can win in this Mommy Mundo giveaway so make sure to read the instructions very well! If the same winner is drawn for Mommy Mundoā€™s giveaway as for the Blog Contest, another name will be drawn for the prize.

He said: “Teacher, if you see an invitation from me to be a Facebook friend, don’t accept.”

I asked why.

“It’s not me”, he said.

I asked how he knows about it.

He explained that his classmates said they got friend invites from him and he was surprised because he has NOT signed up for an account in Facebook.

Uh-oh. Good thing I brought a laptop with me so I plugged in the prepaid internet usb and looked for his name.

Sure enough we saw his name and he has an account. With a photo to boot.

Did he know who could possibly do this to him? HeĀ saidĀ he has no idea.

This prompted a lecture about internet security and how details we put in the net are seen by hundreds if not thousands of people we don’t know. There are scams and there are scams and people with bad intentions will never run out of ideas to scam people.

People have toĀ scrutinizeĀ and research about security settings before signing up on anything online or evenĀ consideringĀ to buy gold online or book a flight. Children and adults too should know not put up their photos online unless necessary, their school names or workplace, addresses and telephone numbers not just to avoid phishing but also for security reasons.

We teach our children not to talk to strangers and this same philosophy should also be true to online or virtual friends.

To parents: it is important to know your children’s activity online not just to avoid online trouble but real-life troubles too. If in doubt, use Google Chrome Nanny.

I wrote about hubby getting something new old gadget a few weeks ago and yes, I get to use his netbook especially when I am away from home.

The timing is perfect since I was scouring the web looking for netbooks and had this hp mini laptops bookmarked.

On the other hand, I dare not bring it anywhere especially when I need to take public transport. This goes with me when I go to that little room where I teach my students in hubby’s family home. My students are not that thrilled however because they prefer the bigger laptop since it has a more superior audio quality šŸ˜€

Mahirap na, crimes, petty and big are happening everywhere.

Why is this a good teaching tool?

I use a laptop for some students who doĀ readingĀ comprehension. Sure, they can do this drill using printed materials but they feel “special” using a gadget that belongs to me to read these stories. In here I also have downloads (free of course) for issues we discuss like bullying, about friendships, quotations and inspiring true stories.

We also discuss in passing, tips about online precautions for them to be able to protect themselves when they are online.

This also serves as a “reward” forĀ accomplishedĀ tasks, they get to play a game they choose šŸ™‚

When we go window shopping, we usually are on the lookout for a new television set mainly for the children’s DVD watching. We personally prefer a Samsung (evidenced by how we gravitate towards this brand’s section in electronics stores) but for now that seemed an elusive buy yet since the price is quite steep. Meanwhile we just make do with the current set we have.

We don’t have internet cable so that the children are not enticed to watch tv shows until way past their bed time. For special live shows, we rely on the internet for livestream links. We also rely heavily on the net for homeworks, project ideas, gardening, crafts, baking and cooking tip videos and a host of other online time and bandwidth consuming sites like my favorite tv series. continue reading this entry »

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Do you use a laptop cooler?

laptop cooler

Yes, I do. This is important to me specially since the one I’m using is not new and heats up easily.

Techonomy is [tech(nology) + (ec)onomy] which means organized activities related to the invention, development, production, distribution and consumption of technology-enhanced goods and services that a society uses to address the problem of scarcity and to enhance the quality of life.

A rational, optimistic, forward-looking and technically savvy work ethics that works hand-in-hand with technological achievement, human ingenuity and sustainable living.

Read more about Techonomy here.

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