Abbott, one of the world’s leaders in health care, along with the leading health economists has supported a new health economics outcomes study. The study found out that patients who were hospitalized and given oral nutritional supplements have had significant reduced hospital stay which results in reduced cost of hospitalization. The 30-day readmission risk was also significantly reduced for patients with at least one known subsequent. The study was done with more than one million adult hospital cases.

Now this is indeed good news for me. Why? Being in my sandwich years of taking care of a family and taking care of my parents, I am constantly anxious about their state of health especially since we live about 4 hours away from each other’s home.

My mother is a stickler for healthy food like fish, fruits and vegetables and so they do not have health-issues related to lifestyle as of now. A few years ago, my father was diagnosed with a condition with which prompt medical interventions were needed. Today he is has good health because of dietary supplements as well as oral nutrition supplements alongside the meals they prepare at home.

Hospital stay is not something we look forward to especially when there are times that those who have been hospitalized come out even more sick

The study I mentioned above was published in the American Journal of Managed Care, (Feb 2013)  provides insights into the economic benefits of prescribing oral nutritional supplements to adult patients in the hospital setting.

W hat are the benefits of providing patients with oral nutrition supplements?

  • 21% or 2.3 days reduction in length of stay which could translate to 21.6% reduced hospitalization cost
  • 6.7% reduction in the probability of a 30-day readmission in patients who had at least one known subsequent readmission

These are just the numbers, for the caregivers and most especially the patients, the emotional and psychological burden of being in a hospital or being sick are reduced as well.

In the study, investigators were able to determine differences in length of stay and costs by comparing hospital stays where oral nutritional supplements were prescribed to stays of similar conditions where oral nutritional supplements weren’t prescribed.

“Because oral nutrition supplements are formulated to provide advanced nutrition and calories for compromised patients and are relatively inexpensive to provide, the sizeable savings they generate make supplementation a cost-effective therapy,” said study co-author, Tomas Philipson PhD, Daniel Levin Chair of Public Policy at the University of Chicago.

Philippine Hospital Setting:

In the Philippine setting, 4 out of 10 among Filipinos who have been hospitalized or are out-patients are at risk of under-nutrition. Under-nutrition makes the body susceptible to more infections that will lead to further complications and prolonging not just hospitalization but having the illness itself.

“Impaired nutritional status, especially in patients recovering from serious illnesses or surgery, can result in longer hospital stays; an increase in complication rates, higher readmission rates, and associated health care costs,” says Dr. Marianna Sioson, president of the Philippine Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition.  “Research shows that using oral nutritional supplements can help reduce their length of stay and associated hospital costs.  This is indeed good news for the 4 out of 10 hospitalized Filipino patients who are nutritionally at-risk since most of them shoulder their hospital expenses out of their own pockets.”

One of the ways that under-nutrition can be helped is by taking Oral Nutritional Supplements such as Abbott’s Ensure that has two variants: Ensure Gold and Ensure Acti-M2. Ensure Gold is for those who have reached their “golden years” and is good to drink whether they are healthy or not. Acti-M2 is a perfect drink for those who have not yet reached the golden years. Alongside a healthy lifestyle and eating the right kind of food, optimum health can be achieved.

Incidentally, Abbott Nutrition and the Philippine Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition has a partnership in the fight against Undernutrition with the Undernutrition Risk Screening Survey where those who will participate need to answer a few questions regarding their health conditions.

The results of this survey would give more data on the undernutrition condition of people  at risk for this condition so that early intervention can be started immediately.

Undernutrition Infographics

EnjoyLife Club

Abbott Philippines now offers special discount for every purchase of participating products within maximum limit of purchase every month. Enjoy Life Club also offers professional nutrition care advice as well as personalized meal plans from their team of registered nutritionist-dietitians.

Call (02) 995-1555 or 1-800-10-955-1555 on weekdays from 8am – 8pm for more information. You can also email

About the Study

The Impact of Oral Nutritional Supplementation on Hospital Outcomes”study is a retrospective data analysis on the effect of oral nutritional supplements on hospital economic outcomes. The study compared hospital stays where oral nutritional supplements were provided with similar hospital stays that did not provide oral nutritional supplements. The difference between length of hospital stay and cost of treatment (including supplies, labor, depreciation of equipment, etc.) were measured.
The probability of 30-day hospital readmission also was calculated.


About Abbott Nutrition

For more than 85 years, Abbott Nutrition has been developing and marketing science-based nutritional products to support the growth, health and wellness of people of all ages. Internationally recognized brands include PediaSure® brand of complete and balanced nutrition for children; and the Ensure® brand of complete and balanced oral nutritional supplements for adults.

The company is a leader in nutritional products clinically shown to address the distinct dietary needs of people with serious health conditions or special nutrient requirements, such as the Glucerna® brand of nutrition shakes and bars for people with diabetes.

About Abbott

Abbott is a global healthcare company devoted to improving life through the development of products and technologies that span the breadth of healthcare. With a portfolio of leading, science-based offerings in diagnostics, medical devices, nutritionals and branded generic pharmaceuticals, Abbott serves people in more than 150 countries and employs approximately 69,000 people.


Visit Abbott at and connect with them on Twitter at @AbbottNews.


Information written in this article were from the data from studies conducted presented in the conference. I have also received a free sample of Abbott Ensure Gold from Abbott Nutrition which I have given to my mother.

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2014 Shell Eco-Marathon Manila

2014 Shell Eco-Marathon Manila

We all trooped to Quirino Grandstand and Luneta last Sunday to participate in the 2014 Shell Eco-Marathon happening in Manila. Read the HIGHLIGHTS of the 2014 Shell Eco-Marathon Asia here. Our main purpose is to see the cars running in the race tracks. There were nine entries from the different Philippine universities including the eldest daughter’s uni. The team got fifth place overall in their category while two other universities did good too, in another category.

2014 Shell Eco-Marathon Manila

Security was tight, and we didn’t mind. There were designated entrances and exits and foot traffic was good. Visitors will be able to see the races before they enter the main venue where different activities for visitors await them. The foot bridges constructed where visitors will get access to and from the main venue had barriers to keep visitors from being directly above the running cars.

2014 Shell Eco-Marathon Manila

We first went to the venue where the mini Shell Eco-Marathon cars are being assembled. Every visitor gets one. It is your choice to assemble your car kit or not, such as it is your choice to enter in the race or not. We got five race car kits and assembled three.

2014 Shell Eco-Marathon Manila

2014 Shell Eco-Marathon Manila

2014 Shell Eco-Marathon Manila

We raced two mini SEM cars and the youngest daughter won her race, besting nine other cars. The best thing aside from assembling your mini SEM cars? These run on saltwater “fuel”. Cool huh?

2014 Shell Eco-Marathon Manila

We also went to the Energy Lab where the visitors can take part in the different activities and learn about energy.

2014 Shell Eco-Marathon Manila

2014 Shell Eco-Marathon Manila

2014 Shell Eco-Marathon Manila

2014 Shell Eco-Marathon Manila

2014 Shell Eco-Marathon Manila

My kids loved the activities there.

2014 Shell Eco-Marathon Manila

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One of the most common things we hear these days from people who go physically go to to work would be : SUPER traffic.

I know, I sympathize with them and what they go through day after day. Imagine spending at least two-three hours commuting to and from work, a lot could be done with those hours.

For working moms, these not just translate to lost hours doing house chores, but lost chores spending time with their children. For working dads, it is the same predicament. For students, this means lost time that should have been devoted to studying to avoid sleeping late at night.

My children are fetched from the house at 5;30 am and get to school at 7am. They start traveling around 5pm (second trip) and reach the house at 5;30pm, even later when November-December traffic happens.

It is not surprising therefore that there are those who choose to work from home although this does not mean that the work is easier than being physically present at the workplace. There are a few things people do from home these days, shopping for gifts (of course nothing beats being in the mall but hey, with traffic and the crowd and the different viruses that they brought along with them, no thanks) like gadgets, specialty food, clothes and accessories and even that sterling silver bracelet you’ve been eyeing for a long time.

So much lost during traffic hours and now that we are halfway through December, I just want to say that I am looking forward to dealing with next month albeit that would mean more newer vehicles on the road, thanks to year-end bonuses. Tsk.



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Friday night was the boy’s 2013 English Night. It felt weird to me to see a stage play where he isn’t onstage because for this play, he was one of the three directors (one for each section). For the past three years, he was the one of the two main characters in a play by his drama club. He has the play’s title as his role. So there, the proud mom that I am can’t just keep the info to myself 😀

My son, one of the three directors on their grade level school play

Anyway, the English Night at their school was successful, judging by the crowd when all the grade levels were done. The program started at 5pm and finished around 10:30pm. We watched all four plays and I must say I am impressed.

Grade 7 did a Lola Basyang style story-telling play about a princess who was forbidden by her king father to marry her commoner love. There were fight scenes, a ball where princes and princesses danced the waltz, and several confrontations. The script was written well, the blocking was good and the lines were delivered effortlessly with fun adlib to boot.

Grade 8 did a Koreanovela, a love story with some singing and dancing parts.

The Juniors did Twelfth Night. Their costumes look great and the lines were also effortlessly delivered and the diction was flawless. They were very funny and had us laughing at some scenes.

The Seniors did Les Miserables and WOW! Wow! They were really good! The costumes, the music, the delivery of lines, the singing, the props, the timing, the pacing of the whole play, it is as if everything was perfect. CL the character Fantine had me crying while she was singing. FO who I used to see for pre-reading skills was Jean Valjean and how he has grown up to be a good-looking talented young man. I’m not sure if they had singing coaches who trained them but they were really good. No lip syncing as far as I know because they were the ones who were singing the songs there.

I wish the Seniors will have a repeat performance 🙂

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Last April, World Vision launched “Celebrities for Children: Race for Hope” with the objective that with the help of celebrity endorsers and sponsors encourage more sponsors to fulfill the vision “Life in all its Fullness” for every Filipino child.

Celebrities who accepted the challenge were the following: TV Host Tintin Bersola-Babao, entrepreneur Cristalle Belo Henares, movie and TV actress and hose Anne Curtis and former beauty queen Miriam Quiambao were the celebrities who responded to the call and accepted the challenge. These celebrities had to “race” in getting the most sign-ups by referring their friends, families and fans to be child sponsors.

World Vision Celebrities for Children : Race for Hope

Last September when the campaign ended, they were able to garner 189 child sponsorships.

Miriam Quiambao has been a long-standing ambassador for World Vision having started sponsoring a child after winning the 1999 Ms Universe first runner-up title. She now sponsors 10 children, three of which have graduated already. Miriam Quiambao was able to get the most child sponsorships in the challenge, with 82 sponsored children. Miriam said that “Sponsorship can really uplift the lives of poor children.”

The Babaos sponsor four children, one for each of the member of their family. They teach their children sharing their blessings “Being able to help a child is a gift, there is a price for sponsorship yes, but the fulfillment of making a difference in the life of a child is priceless,” said Tinin Babao.

Cristalle Henares’ campaign in called “300 at 30” which is about finding sponsors for 300 children for her 30th birthday.

Anne Curtis was able to get her co-hosts at a noontime variety show as well as celebrity friends to sign up as child sponsors.

World Vision Celebrities for Children : Race for Hope
World Vision Associate Director Jun Godornes on the event said “This event is to recognize our celebrity sponsors for their selfless commitment in our ministry for the children. These four women have reinforced the fact that beauty is reflected in the abundance and overflow of a person’s heart.


World Vision is a Christian, humanitarian and development NGO that is child-focused and community-based and is currently working in over 100 countries globally and in 43 communities in the Philippines, helping over 105, 000 children have access to education, good health and provide opportunities for their families and their communities.

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