Bakunado ka na ba? Have  you been vaccinated?

Yes, we were given the flu vaccine last Saturday. These vaccines were made possible by Sanofi Pasteur in cooperation with Nuffnang Philippines.

Together with my three children, we went to Tiendesitas for the event so that we can be better equipped with fighting flu 🙂

Mom blogger friends JP (we just met that day), iMom (fellow FIlipinoMomBlog), Salen, and LadyCess (another fellow FIlipinoMomBlog member) and yes, we had fun talking and talking! Congratulations iMom and Patchy for winning the game 😀

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With summer just around the corner, Ipanema Gisele Bundchen Seeds Collection is just the fitting foot wear for people who are not just fashion conscious but concerned with the environment.

Thong Strap Ad worn by one of the dancers of Philippine Ballet Theater during their performance on the runway.

The Ipanema Gisele Bundchen Seeds Collection has a forest inspired print in its soles. The metal spiral button sitting on the strap symbolizes the seeds of life.

And what is the significance about this?

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Weekend activities were mixed for us.

Saturday morning till a little after lunch, I had work. After that we hurried to go to Wenchie‘s house for the party with the mommies and kids.

We had yummy home-cooked food. Macaroni cooked by Cookie which my son loved and chicken from iMom. Lynn‘s pichi-pichi dessert was a hit with the moms and the kids.

We got delighted with the news that LadyCess shared with us.

We were a bit sad because Feng was not able to join us because she is having her rest due to her pregnancy.

The kids had a fun time playing, riding bikes, playing ball, and just plain hanging out.

Here is Lynn’s entry for the party: Filipino Mom Blog Holiday Get-Together


Sunday was supposed to be a spent with my speech pathologists friends clinic’s Christmas party. We weren’t able to go because hubby was too sick to drive us.

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