A Long Journey

TeacherJulie.com is all about learning and the learning process, parenting and family life, sharing ideas as well as providing insights, having a few laughs and having fun. In BITS and PIECES, you will read about bits and pieces of everything and anything like my family, my thoughts, currents events, etc. In MY THOUGHTS, these are basically my opinions and how I see things on my end. In SPECIAL EDUCATION, i included some general topics which I think are basic tools to help not only parents and teachers, but others too, in understanding children with special needs. Brian will be posting too some of the tech stuff that you can find helpful.

We decided to go with the design of a bear sitting atop a travelling bag with a big hat. We believe that life is a journey, thus the significance of the big bag. In it are lessons learned, mistakes made, choices and decisions pondered upon as well as life’s bits and pieces which make life and living, exciting, challenging and worth living. The bear represents the child in each and everyone of us. Childlike qualities (and childhood memories too) add excitement and fun in life. The ball can be made to bounce on whatever surface you hit it on, meaning we too, can do much more when faced with challenges. The big hat serves as protection from the elements, such as we do need, in times of trials.

We hope that you will find our website helpful and fun. We hope you can learn a thing or two for every visit that you will make. Please feel free to leave comments, feedback as well as reactions in the comments box at the bottom of each entry. Thank you very much!