I wrote about having DMIT or Dermatoglyph Multiple Intelligence Test in this article. The article below shows the DMIT result and some discussion on how the DMIT has been an eye-opener not just for my daughter’s Multiple Intelligences but for mine as well.

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Being a mother (with that bonus training of being a [special education] teacher), it is my utmost hope that I, together with my husband’s support, am able to give to my children the best in terms of learning experiences, education and the proper way of parenting for them to be able to develop their full potential.

As I have previously written in this post, both my youngest daughter and I experienced going through DMIT or Dermatoglyph Multiple Intelligence Test to determine primarily both our strengths and weaknesses when it comes to the 16 different multiple intelligences.

After a few days, we got our results. One of the first things I remember being told was that my youngest daughter and I are alike in many ways “Nagmana siya sa iyo.

I made some notes in my small notebook based on the table below comparing our multiple intelligences results indicating where we are both

(1) predominant and advantageous intelligence
(2) has a potential to further mould or develop
(3) intelligences that need to be strengthened

1-DMIT Report2-001

Below are some discussions done during the explanation of the results and some anecdotes I have reflected upon based on the findings:

Creation and Imagination:

The daughter and I were both surprised she (and I too) had Creation and Imagination as the intelligence where we are both “weak” and that this area of learning needs to be acquired and develop.

I reckon I am creative and imaginative enough because I have to be, I need to be, in my line of work, otherwise the children I teach won’t be able to sustain their attention with the tasks I give them, some for an hour while the others for two hours, depending on how many hours our learning schedule runs.

My fingerprint scan shows these skills need to be developed further and although I feel I have acquired enough creation and imagination skills to be able to come up with activities and experiences to answer the learning needs of the children under my tutelage. There are still however so many new learning experiences on creation and imagination to be explored not just for teaching my students and my children, but for me as well for me to further acquire and develop.

In the case of my daughter, in our opinion, she is quite a creative and imaginative child, making her own storybooks and characters even when she was only 5yo then. Thinking back on how she was able to process these creative works, it dawned on me that she does not always create her own design but would just improve on or work on design ideas she sees in books or in images.

Encouraging her to think of more novel ideas she herself has thought of for her to be able to work on should be a main goal for us. Who knows, she might even invent something that will make a lot of people happy.

Language Expression:

It was a surprise to note that the daughter’s Language Expression is a predominant trait knowing that she at times pauses mid-sentence to think and be able to say the right words she needed to say. Those pauses sometimes make those she is conversing with impatient for her to say the right word. There are however instances when she “hits the right spot” like the other night when she said to me, “Nay, R-13 ang movie” and true enough, she wasn’t able to go with us to that particular movie. We would have cancelled watching if not for my son and his friends who saw our dilemma and the friendly movie usher who looked for a vacant seat for her at the cinema beside us. She was able to watch her movie of choice with her brother and his friends (with a chaperone mom).

Activities and experiences to enhance this strength of her should be encouraged for my daughter to be able to develop this part of her multiple intelligences which would help her be able to express herself in less words than necessary to get her message across.

As for me, I have always been labelled as “frank” because there are times when I don’t mince words to be able to say what needs to be said.

Music Appreciation:

For Music Appreciation, we both got the result of “has a potential to further mould or develop”.
As a child I went through a few years of piano lessons, first with a family friend and the other was with a religious teacher from our school. We even did a few recitals and I remember playing Romeo and Juliet’s “A Time for Us” as one of the piano musical piece I played before my schoolmates and our parents. I played the xylophone for 6 years in the school marching band. These “musical talents” of mine were not further developed because I got busy with other extra-curricular activities in school.

For my daughter, she was able to play the recorder back during our homeschooling days when she was around 4yo. We would scour videos or she herself would look for “how to play the flute” or “flute tutorial” videos and learn from these. For the past two years or so, she has shifted to guitar playing, using the same method she learned while playing the flute. On both counts, she taught herself how to play both instruments without having formal lessons. On both counts, we have encouraged her to develop this musical skill.

This musical talent of hers has been enhanced in school during specific music lessons on guitar. She has also performed in front of an audience in school. If developed further, I know she can do even more with this particular talent of hers.

Kinesthetic Intelligence

For my daughter’s Kinesthetic Intelligence, it was deduced from the result that when she was younger, she had better than average fine-motor skills, which was true. I could probably not remember the things that make that true but I do remember that tapes, pencils, paints, papers, crayons and scissors are things that she loves to use, then and now. She is never without anything to do, playing the guitar, doing artwork, making digital artwork or making a parkour park for her Tech Deck toys using cereal boxes and several rolls of tapes. It was also explained that nowadays she is more into gross-motor activities and if I may say so, that is correct because since last year, she has been training with the school’s elementary basketball team.

As for me, the result shows I am not the type to run long distances. Till two years ago, I used to join (3k and 5k) runs whenever possible, do nature walks during out of town trips or have morning walks in the neighbourhood during mornings. Because of schedule conflicts, I have stopped though still has plans to begin again. I like walking and in fact, I walk faster than other people. Perhaps this is a challenge for me to get up more and be involved in activities that will help me get fit as I add up the age and the pounds.

At the same time, this particular intelligence has my fine-motor skills finely tuned. I love doing crafts like scrapbooking and paper crafts so I might as well develop these crafting skills further not just to fill idle time but to enhance my creation and imagination as well.

Career Planning recommendations:

The results for the DMIT also has career planning recommendations which is good to use for when it’s my youngest daughter‘s turn to choose a degree for college that will further motivate and enhance whatever skills and talents she has for her to be able to develop her full potential.

My thoughts on DMIT:

DMIT is a good tool to use to see how the multiple intelligences guide us parents play a role in helping our children develop their potentials by focusing on the both the predominant and not-so-predominant intelligences.

The results made me more aware on how to deal with my youngest daughter’s learning style, strengths and weaknesses.

It also made me check on our parenting style with her if the values we give importance to are also the values she must learn to be able for her to be the best she can be.

The results also showed that she needs more hugs and kisses as motivation and rewards than material things that can be purchased.

For parents who are unsure of how to deal with their children’s learning styles due to various reasons, this is a good evaluation of their child’s multiple intelligences. DMIT will be a big help for parents to help their children find their own “place under the sun”.

For career persons as well as couples, this is also a god tool to further develop the self and the relationship to live better lives.


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