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This seemingly contradictory phrase is dedicated to those whose life seems to hang in the balance when disconnected.  For that matter, that includes me, too.

Let me ask how many gadgets you have to get connected to the World Wide Web? Do you have a laptop? A pc? A smart phone? A tablet? A camera with wifi connectivity? A phablet? Chances are, you have at least two or three of these electronic gadgets and more often than not, your attention is held captive by the small screen glowing in front of you.

There is nothing wrong with having gadgets especially if these allow you to communicate with your loved ones who are far away, to make work-related decisions, or to browse social media sites that you frequently visit to share your latest shopping find, food trip or selfie.  Just be sure you don’t let the gadgets dominate your lives and diminish the quality of your face-to-face personal interaction.

Consider these questions and answer honestly:

·         Have you felt that you are serving the electronic gadgets you own instead of the other way around?

·         Have you felt that you need to check the latest updates from your friends,  the latest news, the latest trends and what’s hot or not in your favourite topics before going to bed?

·         Right now, how many programs are open on your computer? Perhaps your email, Google search box, social media sites and online shopping sites? Even more?

·         Where is your mobile phone or tablet right now? Is it at your side, in your hand, in your pocket, at your bedside? Is the alert signal turned on to keep you posted of an incoming message?

·         Does the need to be connected make you happy or does it cause you some distraction, a headache from lack of sleep and eye strain, and stress?

·         Do you feel connected but at the same time you feel alone?

·         Has the phrase “Alone together” ever occurred to you when you are with family and friends and everyone is looking at each one’s smart phones and conversation is sporadic or desultory?

(Are your gadgets more important than your wedding rings? You know, do you frequently look at these more even if you are supposedly spending quality time with your spouse?)

As connected as we try to be using technology, it has also removed us from having meaningful face-to-face conversations, connections and interactions.  Ironically, these tools we use to be more connected make it difficult to be intimate.

William Powers wrote in his book Hamlet’s BlackBerry: A Practical Philosophy for Building a Good Life in the Digital Age: “And we’re losing something of great value, a way of thinking and moving through time that can be summed up in a single word: depth. Depth of thought and feeling, depth in our relationships, our work and everything we do. Since depth is what makes life fulfilling and meaningful;  it’s astounding that we’re allowing this to happen.”

Do we live plugged-in lives?


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17 Apr, 2014 @ 1:05 pm
arvin darcen said:

I agree, i hope many people especially the young of today will realize the value of personal interaction or personal encounter. thanks for reminding me to disconnect to connect.

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