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Dear Words,

I miss you, all of you. I haven’t been writing a lot of posts and I know I should be, considering I have too much I want to share to whoever will stumble upon the words containing the thoughts I want to write about.

I’ve been busy. Not busy with work but my mind has been busy with so many things I have to think about. Sometimes I feel that I can hear the wheels turning in my mind, churning jumbled, clear, deep and shallow thoughts.

I long to write, to inspire myself and others as well.

Road trip.

I long to “move the earth” with a few woven words, stringed in a few sentences in not so many paragraphs that will melt the hardened resolve, tug at heartstrings and make the mind wonder and wander.

How could I, Dear Words, if you keep eluding me, staying unreachable within the fringes of my fingertips keeping me from putting words together coherently.

I hope to be re-acquainted with you Dear Words and so I look upon a word to get me through the year: INSPIRE.

I hope I will: inspire.



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