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Friday night was the boy’s 2013 English Night. It felt weird to me to see a stage play where he isn’t onstage because for this play, he was one of the three directors (one for each section). For the past three years, he was the one of the two main characters in a play by his drama club. He has the play’s title as his role. So there, the proud mom that I am can’t just keep the info to myself 😀

My son, one of the three directors on their grade level school play

Anyway, the English Night at their school was successful, judging by the crowd when all the grade levels were done. The program started at 5pm and finished around 10:30pm. We watched all four plays and I must say I am impressed.

Grade 7 did a Lola Basyang style story-telling play about a princess who was forbidden by her king father to marry her commoner love. There were fight scenes, a ball where princes and princesses danced the waltz, and several confrontations. The script was written well, the blocking was good and the lines were delivered effortlessly with fun adlib to boot.

Grade 8 did a Koreanovela, a love story with some singing and dancing parts.

The Juniors did Twelfth Night. Their costumes look great and the lines were also effortlessly delivered and the diction was flawless. They were very funny and had us laughing at some scenes.

The Seniors did Les Miserables and WOW! Wow! They were really good! The costumes, the music, the delivery of lines, the singing, the props, the timing, the pacing of the whole play, it is as if everything was perfect. CL the character Fantine had me crying while she was singing. FO who I used to see for pre-reading skills was Jean Valjean and how he has grown up to be a good-looking talented young man. I’m not sure if they had singing coaches who trained them but they were really good. No lip syncing as far as I know because they were the ones who were singing the songs there.

I wish the Seniors will have a repeat performance 🙂

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