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With Christmas vacation happening a few weeks from today, I am sure a lot of children (and their families too) are excited with their vacation plans.

My children are looking forward to having their Christmas break because it would mean more than two weeks of not waking up before the sun of up which roughly translates to 5 in the morning from Monday through Friday. As for me, my “call time” for kitchen duties start at 4:30 am. I know, so early to be stressed but that’s how it has got to be to make sure they have healthy home cooked packed food.

Anyway…during these times, I have a few students who go overseas with their families for some rest and relaxation. Some even go as far as orlando or Toronto to be with their families based overseas. Some have their grandparents traveling with them which makes the travel time even more special because of the bonding they get to experience doing extra-ordinary things away from the daily stresses from school and work that they have to grapple with everyday.

To make vacations more special, here are a few tips to remember:

  • Plan ahead by making sure the time frame for the vacation has been cleared to avoid any disruptions.
  • Planning ahead includes having the practical clothes wear ready, having someone to stay in the home for house sitting, providing care for pets that will be left behind, completing any school or work-related deadlines so that when vacation time is done, one does not need to rush ahead with these things.
  • Book early and this include flights, hotel rooms and even extra travel services.
  • Prepare an itinerary and have handy information on road maps, detours and interesting places to visit. Have alternate plans in case some thing comes up unexpectedly.
  • Make sure to secure important travel and identification documents and keep these safe at all times.
  • Have fun.

I am sure families are gearing up and preparing for at least a week or two of down time with their families. I know I do, even if it just means I will have another one of those endless staycations and be able to wake up later than I have to.

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