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I often get asked how to build a blog.

In uncertain ways, I try to explain how to build one using the free sites such as that of Google’s or WordPress, which I use with my hosted blogs. If online, this is eas9y to explain but not so much when I just describe how I do it.

There are other platforms to use aside from the two I have mentioned and there have been times when using this website builder instead of wordpress.

Blogging used to be easy when social media was not too popular. Now more and more blogger friends I’ve known since I started waaaay back in mid-2000’s have stopped blogging for different reasons but they are ones who are active in Twitter, Instagram and Facebook among others.

Here are a few tips on how to start blogging:

  • Basic skills for writing (this also covers grammatically correct sentences and if you are unsure, do write drafts in programs that lets you correct not just the spelling but subject-verb agreement as well, then copy-paste what you wrote)
  • Write interesting topics that are close to your heart or you have a bit of expertise with so that you have a certain authority about the subject matter
  • Visit other blogs
  • Post photos to make the posts interesting ( like if you are writing about a certain place, include photos)
  • Be confident but not too over confident that you sound pompous
  • if unsure on how to start, check out video or article tutorials
  • Back up your articles with links from reliable and trustworthy sites
  • Do NOT copy works of others as well as use photos taken by others
  • KISS – Keep It Short and Simple

Read this helpful article about Introduction to Blogging.


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