We have been using HP Printers for several years now. Our current HP Printer is HP Deskjet F2480, while in a back room in the house lies an HP LaserJet printer which I am not sure if still functioning or not.

When an invitation to learn about HP Deskjet Ink Advantage Printers was emailed, I did not hesitate to join. Together with my youngest daughter with other online and print media writers, we trooped to Paradizoo Theme Park in Mendez, Cavite.

We stayed at the Orchid Pavilion where Christian Halili, a known photographer and cinematographer shared basic photography tips. The rest of the day is dedicated to taking photos using the tips we have learned from him.

christian halili

Some of the tips he shared were as follows:

The Right Light. The proper lighting makes photos look good. Early morning and late afternoons are good times to take photographs outdoors.

Go Manual and Avoid Using the Auto Setting. it is good to make use of the different setting of the camera to know what works best in particular situations. Since we can shoot as many photos as we want (well depends on the memory card), we can experiment. Delete if you must those photos you think don’t pass your judgment. On the other, you may also learn from these photos and improve on the next photoshoot. I rarely use the auto setting of my point and shoot, I use the P setting or program(able) setting.

Rule of Thirds.  It is just fine if we don’t put the subject of the photograph right smack in the middle of the photo. Pro photographers love the rule of thirds. To know the rule of thirds, you can opt to see the lines on your camera screen as a guide: three rows and three columns. You can position your subject then on the right or left depending on what you see in the scene before you. I need to learn more a lot on this tip.


Us guests were given time to visit the zoo and take photos. Being a trigger happy amateur, I happily clicked away at the animals, flowers, landscape and my daughter.

Below was my entry photo that was printed using an HP Deskjet Ink Advantage Printer. We did not win a printer with my photo submission but my daughter and I enjoyed a day of bonding, taking photos, meeting new friends and learning something new about our favorite brand of printer.


For more info on the lineup for HP Deskjet Ink Advantage printers, click here or watch this:

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