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How was your children’s summer vacation?

My children definitely had a wonderful time bonding with their cousins for more than a month when they stayed with their grandmother (my MIL) down south. They slept late, woke up late, went to different places and met new friends.

While they were doing that, I myself got busy with some of my students.

One of which had his summer job. he was supposed to work with a publishing company, one of the many brochure printing companies doing a bit of proofreading under time constraints. He was however brought to a different place of work.

There were those who took up sports like basketball and swimming. There was one who learned cooking from their househelp. Another started learning baking basics at her home’s kitchen.

Now that we have already started school, I want to say that I am still not into the back to school mood. I want summer back, oppressive heat and all! 😀


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