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I’m waiting for a student right now while watching the MIL go over her online stock exchange portfolio. That’s what keeps her busy these days, keeping tab with the up and down trends of the stock market online.

This habit of hers makes me wonder if I would be like her when I can no longer teach. I know it is still a long stretch before I retire from work due to several reasons and one being the kids are still young and in school. Unless I win the lottery IF I remember to buy a ticket haha.

Anyway…the hubby is excited too with what is happening in this online stock exchange though I still have to hear him utter some business terms like  top annuity rates. All I hear from them are figures that seem to go up a bit and down a bit. I am not sure how much she makes but it sure beats doing nothing about her stocks which has been in her possession for a good number of years. The stocks are high these days with DOW Jones registering a record high the other day.

It would probably take me a long time to understand the workings of this kind of financial investments but I am not closing my mind on these things. In fact we are thinking of introducing the son to the workings of the stock market and its trends so that his mathematical mind will be put to good use 🙂

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