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Sometime ago, a friend discussed about “reserved slots” by house helpers for lining up at the cashier at the supermarket and also “reserved seats” during parent-teacher conferences. What she actually meant was in her sons’ school, an exclusive school built among private homes, seeing house helpers sitting on seats reserved for parents lining up to talk to their child’s advisers mean that these occupied seats are “reserved seats” for the parents. You know just in case someone else comes along and gets their slot which will make them finish up the conference late. Or, it may be that they are still at their nearby home, prepping up and the helper is there as an “advance party”.

On the other hand, another friend wrote about some families at their place who also send an “advance party” courtesy of their house helpers to sit on church pews during Christmas Eve masses to reserve the entire pew for a more comfortable church seating of the family who are still prepping to go to the said scheduled mass.

We don’t like to wait for a long time to get the chance to talk to our children’s advisers, right? we also don’t want to stand up while the mass is ongoing dressed in our finery, right?

But to send out the helpers to reserve seats for you? I don’t think that is right or even fair to them because they will be subjected to the ire of others.

Common courtesy please. And if you don’t want to be late, start early.

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