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Parents, do you monitor the things your kids read, see and watch online?

We can’t monitor everything, yes, but we can tweak settings to avoid having them see, watch and read things that they are supposed to.


  • You can use the SafeSearch filter in the setting. This can be done with tablets and mobile gadgets too.
  • The router can be also used to block out certain sites as well as to shut down the internet connection on certain hours, especially during sleep time šŸ˜€
  • Use Chrome NannyĀ (this is a useful tool for you to stop peeking in your favorite social media and entertainment sites when you should be working, right?)
  • Clear your search history or surf the web incognito (this though is what the children do to avoid detection so it is better to use Safe Search filter)

Safe Search

Whether you are on the lookout for theĀ latestĀ stats of your favorite sports, looking at cigar magazine ipadĀ for your fave uncle, or simply just looking online for a surprise gift for your child’s birthday next week, it is better to be cautious when using these gadgets especially if your children use the same one.


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