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What has happened to the country is saddening and heartbreaking. I collated a limited list of emergency numbers to contact as well as a limited list of relief and donations center that people can go to to extend help. This is the link.

Mindanao Avenue

Along with prayers and thoughts, putting together a relief kit for people in need of these basic things is easy enough, especially if you and your family have not been affected.

Below are some items one can put in a relief kit:

  • hot meals (if possible)
  • canned goods that are ready to eat (because noodles still need to be cooked), bread, biscuits, water to drink
  • first aid kit with alcohol, topical antiseptics, bandages, OTC medicines for cough and colds
  • clothes like shorts, pants, shirts, jackets (No gowns please!)
  • bedding like mats, pillows and blankets
  • educational kit for children with crayons, pencils, pad papers and coloring books

A big hospital was inundated with water and it was really heartbreaking to see photos and learn that patients there are having a hard time. They need medical supplies like medicines and emergency kits, power supply, hardware supplies like med carts, new medical equipment and device, as well as manpower to clean up the mess.


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