Last week, my students and I did something different. For one session, my two young guys and I baked banana bread. We did it the easy way because it was their first time to bake something with a non-HE teacher so I used a ready mix-just add bananas, egg, oil, and water type of mix.

Here was the finished product (with watermark of my food blog, Tummy Fillers):

banana bread














We had three of those mini loaves and ate two. The third one, we cut in half and they brought home for a taste test with their moms.

One of them even joked that if he is able to bake well, he will probably put up a bakeshop complete with high-tech baking equipment and even POS systems.

For another student, we did origami of a basic boat and a cat, which turned out to be a bit difficult for her. And me too, lol.

Here is a video of the origami cat that we did:

This week, we will do more origami for Mother’s Day.

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