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Summer vacation is in full swing and once again, our house is like an empty nest with the children spending Holy Week at the grandparents’ homes.

This is that time of the year when we parents think about the tuition fee payment schedule for our children. With three children in school, this is a very big financial responsibility for me and my husband. If only schools have structured settlement payments maybe, a lot of parents will go for that.

I have teased the children that if we can’t afford private school fees anymore, I’d bring them to the nearby public school where students excel and their teachers’ salary grade is high. This means the quality of the school is better than other public schools, I guess. I’d then be free from paying their TF and they can have the school supplies they want. “No can do” is their reply because they love their school so much they didn’t even complain that they just started their summer vacation this week whereas other schools had theirs as early as the second week of March.

It is no joke that some parents would tell their children that their education is perhaps the only legacy they can pass on to them. With sky-high tuition fees, there really is no way the working class/middle class parents can save for something they can give to their children once they pass away. Unlike some super rich families.

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