It’s April 26 today and we are halfway through our summer vacation. That fast? Yes, but not because it is summer means the children are off the books. Nope. Summer means upping the reading skills by more fun choices.

I’m sure children will get bored if they are not engaged in summer fun activities so reading, and not just clicking on those gadgets, will give them fun and excitement too. Now is the time we parents and teachers and parents lead the way and make them love reading.

I’m sure when they are adults they’d rather read fun stuff than read minute details of work-related literature like contracts, North Carolina health insurance, and manuals.

Here is a list of books for summer reading. Let’s hope the reading continues on till after summer vacation. I know *rolls eyes*, it’s 2009 but it’s still a list 😀

Here is another reading list.

I’m not one who get books with popular animation characters because the children can watch these characters on TV so why bother have them in books? I’d rather children read books that will take them to different places, stir their imagination and make them want to read more. Or maybe be a children’s books author some day.

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30 Apr, 2011 @ 7:53 am
Marissa said:

A nice one Jules. Here in the US, the children are assigned a book to read outside textbooks. They get to choose which one they like to read and the books are classified according to reading levels. In the summer, besides taking my kids to the library, I buy a curriculum-based workbook as practice for the coming school-year. Say, since my10-year old son is going to be in 6th grade next school year, I am buying the 6th grade curriculum workbook for him to work on this summer. These books cover different skills in Math and Reading Comprehension. My kids also get Kumon workbooks as supplement to what they get in school. I tend to agree that maybe for older kids it is good to offer more expansive choices in reading. However, I find that my 4-year old gets more excited when she reads books with characters she is familiar with. Because she is familiar with the many scenes from the movie, I can point out the written words she is familiar hearing from say Dora episodes and she learns to make the connection between the spoken and written word.She learns to recognize the words and it helps her learn to read. Very good point, though, about encouraging kids to read about faraway places. We travel quite a bit, too, so we can learn about different places and cultures.

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