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Summer vacation is here and we have been sleeping in for several days. I don’t really miss my 4:30am wake-up call. What I really miss are my “me time” with my hoop and Zumba. I can’t possibly do these while the children are at home, they’d think I’m running a comedy show, LOL!

The downside of having the children around is an increase in food budget. They chomp, chomp and chomp endlessly. I also don’t get to write the posts and articles I need to finish because I can’t concentrate. Reading up on cirrhosis, hgh supplements and some additional info for teaching program I am collating is taking a long time to accomplish. It’s as if my brain took a summer vacation too.

What to do to keep the children busy this summer:

  • Enroll them in a summer program, not necessarily academics but something that they will enjoy: swimming, sports, arts among others.
  • Give the children a schedule of the things they can do at home, not exactly like the one they have in school, for them to not just keep track of time but to keep themselves busy.
  • Have them start a hobby: gardening, collecting things that interest them or blogging.
  • Limit the time they spend online and encourage them to enagage in physical activities (see the first suggestion)
  • Have them make a goal of what they want to be able to master this summer, be it baking cupcakes or playing the guitar.

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