A talk with a student’s parent made me realize how important it is to plan ahead and look practical educational programs for the children with developmental problems. There is such a thing as alternative career options for those who can’t be lawyers or doctors like their parents.

We talked about children undergoing sheltered workshops or social enterprise, which is a part of the curriculum, even in the elementary years nowadays. My children and their classmates cook food to sell in one of their subjects. They do not just learn about cooking but they also learn about marketing, budgeting, costing and selling.

I like these kind of educational programs that aims to teach practical skills to children. I am even open (not totally though) to sponsored programs teaching business, the nitty-gritty of knowing the best franchise to own, and hands-on training programs. Learning by doing is a great way to go.

My eldest daughter brought three chicks to school last month. They will be taking care of these chicks. Yesterday, she brought several gold fish for her group to take care of in school. They even learn to plant vegetables in school. These are things other schools don’t teach.

Anyway, about schools, there is an ongoing “Doon Po sa Amin” program by Smart Communications, Inc for high school students called “Ano Ang Kwento Mo“. Read the details here.

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