The Philippine Department of Education (DepEd) in cooperation with Kraft FoodsKraft Cheez Whiz spearheaded Palamantasan, an interschool competition for grade school children nationwide to boost their knowledge on nutrition education.

In a country where approximately 8 million children are undernourished, the task to educate people about proper nutrition is crucial to the future of a young nation that has a big chunk of its population among the youth.

Palamantasan aims to give importance to proper nutrition and incorporating this concept to the educational programs not just during Nutrition Month but all year round.


Palamantasan campaign to raise awareness about Nutrition Education would be done through various creative outlets through a nationwide inter-school competition. This campaign will run till September 2010.

Alex Dan Tacderas, Category Manager for Cheese and Spoonables for Kraft Food Philippines states that “School is the second home where the children learn basic lessons and values”. This is precisely the reason why nutrition education targets not just educational but enjoyable ways in learning these concepts through inter-school and nationwide competitions.

“In fighting malnutrition, we vie for sustainability and deep impact on schoolchildren,” Tacderas further adds.

Jarchitecture or Jar Art, Speech Choir, Sandwich Making, and Essay-writing are just some of the ways the children will be challenged to show their creativity, grasp of the concept about nutrition education and ability to perform their best.

Check Palamantasan site here.

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