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One Wall One World Breathes Life is a campaign to have many walls in Metro Manila painted against pollution using the new revolutionary Boysen KNOxOUT Air Cleaning Paint. This advocacy is through the partnership of Boysen Philippines, Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities (CAI-Asia) and the Philippine College of Chest Physicians (PCCP).

To find out more on how you can help clean our air, whether as an individual or as a company, please visit

Volunteer a wall, volunteer your time or donate paint in the OneWall One World Facebook Page.

Below is a copy of the press release on One Wall One World Breathes Life:

Press Release for One Wall One World Breathes Life:

Take a deep breath. As you exhale halfway through, inhale once more. Do this repeatedly until you find yourself gasping for air.

That’s close enough to Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). Studies have shown that the prevalence of COPD has doubled in the last 20 years —inflicting people as young as 20 years old.

And unless something is done about the country’s worsening air condition, what you experienced during that exercise is going to be more than just hypothetical.

Death is in the Air

In an age where cancer and heart disease remain leading causes of death, COPD is swiftly on the rise as well. It has now become the third leading cause of death around the world but not much light has been shed on it even if it is already surrounding our environment.

COPD is commonly undertreated because of its slow progression. Accumulated particulate matter (PM) and Nitrous Oxide (NOx) which comes from polluted air constricts the lungs’ functional airways. Habitual smokers are the most common people affected by this disease.  Apart from smoking, engine emissions which are present almost everywhere is also a primary cause of COPD.

Each time you breathe in PM and NOx, your air sacs slowly become inflamed and swollen, losing their elastic quality. Next thing you know, your lungs’ airways become clogged, which makes it harder for you to breathe. This eventually leads to other diseases that can impair the body like emphysema and chronic bronchitis.

Those who experience COPD can no longer do their routine activities and daily tasks. Without clean air to breathe in and oxygen to inhale, they find it difficult to function in their day-to-day activities.

Fighting against the spread of this disease will greatly aid the prevention and treatment of COPD. Luckily, one of the Philippines’ leading brands decided to be one of the first to battle for better air.

Air Should be Life

Given the prevalence and alarming rates of COPD especially in the Philippines, The One Wall One World initiative, an advocacy project of Pacific Paints (Boysen) Philippines  in partnership with the Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities (CAI-Asia), and the Philippine College of Chest Physicians (PCCP), aims to have as many walls in Manila painted against pollution.

Using advanced air cleaning technology found in Boysen KNOxOUT paints – that’s been proven to purify noxious gasses such as NOx (nitrous oxides) and PM (particulate matter) – Filipinos are encouraged to take part in cleaning the noxious air of Manila, one wall at a time.

Painting the walls of our house could help protect our family. Painting the walls of our school could help protect our children. Painting the walls around our neighborhood could help protect our community. If everyone in every community could paint one wall, we could help protect our town, our city, our world. One person, one wall.One wall, one world.

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