I wrote about career options in this post. I remember writing about Sheltered Workshops or Social Enterprise too.

Both are articles pointing to alternative career options.

For someone (that would be me) who has worked with children diagnosed with learning needs, alternative career options is an area where a lot of untapped resources and skills are waiting to be found.

Even if the Filipino culture including parenting, thrives on being dependent with caregivers working and handling the nitty-gritty of childcare, I firmly believe that children should be taught to be able to do things for themselves. This is where the concept of honing skills geared toward independence is shaped.

There is a limit on how much hovering parents can do for their children.

Sure, these children have special needs and they need to be guided accordingly but there are those who can be allowed to “fly and spread their wings”. This is precisely the reason why they have intervention programs: to allow them to be able to develop their potentials.

Regarding alternative career options, I think what some parents feel about this is that they feel “downgraded” when their children do not end up like the professionals that they are.

There are those who scoff at people who have chosen an alternative career rather than the “norm”.

Why push someone with special needs to go to “traditional ” school when he/she can enroll in an online university? I know of someone who successfully completed an online nursingĀ  degree. There are those who go the traditional way, facing all the bumps, humps and hurdles that come with it.

I sometimes ask why do doctor parents want their children to be like them? Can’t the children decide what they like to do and what they like to be when they grow up?

I admit I am guilty of this ‘”alternative career option” idea when I heard myself ask “what? naging photographer siya?” about a child prodigy who was “packaged” with so much potential in a TV ad years ago When I saw the portfolio online, I was taken aback with the creativity in the photos. The giftedness in this person definitely showed.

No job is too big or too small for someone who has dignity in what he/she is doing.

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