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Last week, parents from my eldest daughter’s school got an email about a book donation drive that will happen this Friday, November 13, 2009.

Part of the email details are:

“As you may all be aware by now, our school went under 8ft of floodwater that easily devastated the whole school.  Our library, in fact, is almost bare with a good 99% of our books washed away in the flood.

Thus, in line with our book month in November, we are urging everyone to HELP IN RESTORING OUR LIBRARY BY DONATING BOOKS ON 13NOVEMBER09, FRIDAY.

For this purpose, our principal, _____________, specifically REQUESTS FOR NOVELS so our kids can start reading their favourite titles again.  As a book donor, you will be provided book stickers where you can put your child’s name and these shall be placed on the books you will donate. For starters we are enclosing 3 book stickers but you can donate more than three books, of course.  There will be more stickers available during the book donation activity on Friday, 13NOV09.”

The school suffered some major damage when Typhoon Ondoy ravaged the country. Classrooms were submerged in flood waters, library books and school supplies left in classrooms were deemed unfit for use.

If there was something positive about this, it was that the deluge happened on a Saturday afternoon morning and not when the children are in school.

No need to order Amazon books, too little time to do that. I plan to scour bargain book stores on Wednesday or Thursday to get books for the drive.

Holler if you have some books you can spare and I will get  these from you 🙂

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