So many lessons to be learned and reflected upon after Ondoy (Ketsana) has ravaged the country almost two weeks ago.

I have thought upon these lessons from my point of view based on what we have experienced and based on what I see and hear in the news.

  1. Prayers can soothe the spirit and calm nerves. Together with the kids we prayed hard and often not just for our safety but for the safety of others.
  2. Family and the safety of loved ones are synonymous. People can always get back the material things that they have saved for through the years but lives, saved lives are priceless and valuable.
  3. No matter how people value material possessions, these can be gone in a few hours or even within a moment, without advanced notice. Yes, people can do away without a soft bed or without branded clothes as long as they are not in danger of losing their lives.
  4. People feel reassured when loved ones who are far away contact people in distress be it through live chat, sending sms and phone calls to ask how they could help.
  5. There will be good people with good intentions who are willing to help others who need help.
  6. Just as much as the “bayanihan” spirit is alive in our people, there are also people who have bad intentions like looters and hoarders.
  7. People running for office will take advantage of the situation of other people to promote themselves.
  8. People do not and can not rely on this government to help everyone out, considering the number of people needing help. Exactly my point when I wrote about our fast increasing population.
  9. Other nations will pour support, in kind, in cash and even manpower to help nations like us who lack resources.
  10. We did not have running water for several days but I did not get angry not lost my patience. I am just thankful this is just a minor inconvenience on our part, if I compare how we survived unharmed compared to others living near us.

Here is an analysis of what happened by Prof. Winnie Monsod.

I guess messages being sent and conversations between family membersĀ  now are in a more positive note just as I tell my uncle who is doing a live chat with me now, “Don’t worry, we are ok”.

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