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The theme for this week is FURRY so I went the easy way and featured our APBT, Chichi in my other blog.

Below is a photo of one of my Okra plants’ flower bud:

These hairy okra (lady fingers or gumbo) buds from my okra plants. These are planted in our mini backyard vegetable garden 🙂

Who would have thought I’d be able to plant these and they would live for me to see them? We might even make good on our promise to eat healthy food from the backyard some day, even if these food is not that plenty. I even wrote something about my black thumb before so I guess  don’t have a very black thumb at all 😀

Check how it looked like when the plants were just sprouts. Thanks for the visit and have a great weekend!


Now hubby and I are off to get ready for work. I hope hubby would be able to do something about the auto insurance quotations his friend is thinking about getting for his new car.

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