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Every Saturday, participants post photos based on a theme. The theme for this Saturday before CHRISTMAS is WIDE.

I have another entry for wide here.

I should have posted another photo instead of our Advent wreath whose circumference is a bit too wide for me. Explanations are below the photo.

I was trying to think about something that I can put in the middle of that wide space. For reasons I can’t fathom, hubby andΒ  have been saying year after year that we will get the perfect Nativity set or creche but till now, we haven’t gotten any. That would have been perfect for this Advent Wreath.

There, our Advent Wreath with a mini wooden red and gold Christmas tree that I immediately fell in love with, given to me by my student JLA. I don’t usually open gifts before Christmas but I got curious πŸ™‚

I was not able to take photos of my two younger children last night because all four batteries of my camera were being charged. Their smiles were very WIDE because hubby came home with his Christmas present: a bicycle. They took turns riding the bike around the house and when they got a little “bored” we took themΒ  outside the street to try it out. It was their first time to play on the street outside our home. It was a perfect time to do riding because it was a chilly night and there were no cars/people on passing by.

Incidentally, people in las vegas nv had wide smiles because they experienced snow. These would bring wide smiles to us too, who us never experienced snow πŸ˜€

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20 Dec, 2008 @ 3:19 pm

Hi Julie. That’s a lovely Advent wreath. I remember how significant the Advent wreath was back in school. We don’t have one but I like the thought behind the tradition.

20 Dec, 2008 @ 8:30 pm

Lovely post. I noticed snow in Las Vegas. Hard to imagine snow in the Philippines. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

20 Dec, 2008 @ 8:57 pm
Hootin' Anni said:

The wreath is beautiful Julie! And I too love the tree. It’s a perfect addition.

Happy Holidays to you too, and thanks for popping in to visit with me today.

20 Dec, 2008 @ 9:01 pm
napaboaniya said:

Here’s wishing your family and you a Merry Merry X’mas!! πŸ™‚

20 Dec, 2008 @ 9:32 pm

A beautiful wreath indeed. Merry Christmas!

20 Dec, 2008 @ 10:28 pm
Annie said:

Nice photo and take on the theme. Love the bicycle story! I hope that you and your family have a wonderful holiday!

21 Dec, 2008 @ 12:33 am

That is such a beautiful photo! Desktop wallpaper quality!

I did Photo Hunters today, too. I hope you can visit, and leave your link.

21 Dec, 2008 @ 12:55 am
RJ Flamingo said:

Nice shot… I have no doubt you’ll find something beautiful to fill that ‘wide’ space!

Between the holidays and commitments and work, I’m afraid I’ve gone a little dark and quirky this week…

Happy Holidays! (Not that it has anything to do with my PH post…)

21 Dec, 2008 @ 1:13 am
jmb said:

A lovely photo for this theme Julie.
I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your family.

21 Dec, 2008 @ 1:38 am

What a delightful wreath. Happy Christmas!

21 Dec, 2008 @ 3:29 am
TorAa Mirror said:

I found this photo widely interesting;))

21 Dec, 2008 @ 3:45 am
bonggamom said:

What a beautiful wreath!

21 Dec, 2008 @ 4:15 am
Leslie said:

That’s a very good looking wreath and I really like your red Christmas tree.
Merry Christmas! πŸ™‚

21 Dec, 2008 @ 3:51 pm
Carin said:

Lovely Advent Wreath and to me it looks just perfect.

Great to hear your kids now have a bike. I can imagine their wide smiles when seeing that Xmas gift.

Wishing you and your family a merry Christmas!

22 Dec, 2008 @ 1:31 am
JC said:

Perfect, timely shot! Some gifts are made to be opened early πŸ˜‰ Merry Christmas to you and yours!

24 Dec, 2008 @ 11:36 am

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