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Anyone remembers those educational TV shows like Epol Apple where Kuya Bodjie, formerly of Batibot, becomes Porfirio who talks to and teaches children in alternating Filipino and English? Or Bayani where the ABS-CBN talents portray the different Filipino heroes in shows like mini-series? What about Math-Tinik where there children learn about Math concepts through playing? Hiraya Manawari where Filipino values are being taught?

These are wonderful shows imparting great values as well as educational concepts being taught. So where are these TV shows now?

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23 Jan, 2008 @ 8:24 am
lady cess said:

so there’s a kc blog pala. will check that.

oo nga, i wish our local channels will produce more of these shows.

i was looking for batibot dvds/vcds, but i heard my problema daw (something about copyrights and patents) kaya wala akong mahagilap. even its website doesnt show pong and kiko.

  • Oo nga ano, Cess,  wala yung mga yun. These shows teach children not just new things but most importantly about our heritage. We even have one less Filipino writer now with the demise of Rene Villanueva who used to write books, some for the Batibot books.

23 Jan, 2008 @ 7:17 pm
azelle said:

thank you for posting our blog t.julie! 🙂 you can also link it to your site or other accounts to help spread the word. thanks!

  • I still have to link it here in this blog, Azelle. Thank you for giving importance to these show which teach not just new things but about Filipino values and heritage. We need these in order to have our own identities set and not depend upon the western culture to define what and who we are.

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