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A majority of homes in most urban areas are wired or connected to the internet. Internet connectivity is needed for work-related tasks, getting connected to other people, for entertainment purposes and for blogging needs. There are different ways to get connected: dial-up connection, adsl or cable internet. To maximize your internet connectivity, it is more convenient to have wireless services or broadband internet services. But where can one get cheap broadband services? offers different broadband internet packages to suit your connectivity needs. One of their featured packages is the £8.95/month. This package includes standard wired router, 5GB download allowance, 24/7 customer service support, Freeview and TV on demand, 5GB free online storage, hassle-free installation and more features that consumers would find useful. There are also 250 minutes of free Wi-Fi per month to thousands of hotspots around the world which includes the BT Openzone Wi-Fi hotspots across UK and Ireland. These days, wi-fi has changed the way people get connected.

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