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Yenny girl, who by the time I post this may have given birth already or maybe not yet, gave me this award several weeks ago. Thank you Yen and may you enjoy the bliss of being a new mother the second time around.

I would like to share this particular award to all these wonderful people:

  • Wenchie – for the inspiring emails and the thoughtfulness of sending these emails to me.
  • Cess – for the exchanges, not just in our blogs but in text messages
  • Chateau – I hope I would be able to make it when you guys arrange for a cake and coffee date
  • Lisaflor – I have yet to view the CD you sent and the letter you had there was nice too
  • Annamanila – you give me so much encouragement by giving me wonderful insights by your interactive comments
  • To my Alma Mater, St. Augustine’s School of Iba, Zambales, so many wonderful memories with childhood friends who I grew up with from Kindergarten till High School who were a part and influence of my growing up years, I hope I can make it to the Grand Alumni Homecoming and see all of you.

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27 Nov, 2007 @ 1:08 pm
ladycess said:

thank YOU julie. 🙂 thank you for being a friend, thank you for allowing me to be your friend 🙂

  • I am glad I met you Cess 🙂

27 Nov, 2007 @ 9:47 pm
Mitch said:

Naku si Yen nagbablog pa din, di pa nanganganak!

Congrats on your friendship award! 🙂

  • Ganun? Kala ko nakapanganak na siya 😀 Kelan kayo uwi Mitch?

28 Nov, 2007 @ 1:24 am
WilStop said:

Been here reading your great post.. Would you mind exchange links? Hope you do… You can visit me here…

Dare to Blog
Life Realities

Please leave me a message if you do!… Have a nice day!…c”,)

  • Thanks for visiting and for taking an interest in exchanging links. I will link to one of your blogs soon 😀 tell me what blog you would prefer that I link.

28 Nov, 2007 @ 3:52 pm
chateau said:

Hi Julie! Thank you for this. It’s great to have found friends through blogging.
When would that coffee date kaya? Life keeps getting in the way. hehe

see you soon, basta sked natin!

  • We need to do this, maybe after the holidays 🙂 Have a great weekend, Chateau 🙂

3 Dec, 2007 @ 5:20 pm
Rowena said:

Hi Julie, just read about this award post, thanks so much. I really enjoy our new-found friendship. Remember, I told you before, you’re the 2nd blogger I’ve read and read and come back to especially when I was just beginning to know this blogging world. Di ba I even emailed you a personal question, feeling ko kasi si Emily Marcelo (of PDI) ka rin, he he…Thanks so much…

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