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When we transferred to our present abode, we planned to have a wonderful front lawn garden. My husband and I, as well as my brother who was then living with us while studying in college, worked together this small patch of soil look green. While I concentrated tending to the beautiful orchid plants which parents of my students gave me, both of them were tending to the grass patch. After working in the garden and getting ourselves dirty for several days, we thought we had a wonderful garden. We did have a wonderful green patch but the orchids had an untimely demise for reasons I could not imagine. The green patch grew well, like a green carpet. But after sometime, tall weeds, ants and even termites thrived there. What went wrong? We ask ourselves. Maybe we should have treated the soil first with treatments such as TruGreen. Now, our garden which should have a wonderful green patch looks like the photo below. It is in fact the photo of what should have been a green patch. If only we had professional lawn care treatment, all our efforts would not have been wasted.

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