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Bugs freak me out. Big ones. Even small ones. We had had our share of these bugs, or pests in our household. Our dog(s) have fleas depending on the season, usually a-plenty during summer. There are colonies of termites in the garden which thrive in the trees planted on the side of the property. Ants and flies can be seen near the trash bin especially when the weather is hot and when something smelly is inside. An occasional errant and flying cockroach which make the children shriek and run can sometimes be seen flying in the garage at night. When my mother-in-law’s house was renovated because of termite infestation, they got the services of a pest control company. One such company offering services is the Terminix. What was done to her house was a very labor-intense work which had my husband’s former bedroom’s walls torn down to be able to remove the colonies where these termites were hiding. As homeowners, being vigilant to signs of infestation of bugs or pests is one sure way to protect our homes.

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